5 Foods That Can Boost Your Testosterone

5 Foods To Boost Your Testosterone

When people think of testosterone, many think of “manhood” or alpha-males. Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily by the testicles and aids in many functions of the body. For instance, it helps to increase muscle, bone mass, and body hair growth while preventing osteoporosis.

After the age of 30, the testosterone level of men begins to decline. There are many ways to naturally aid the body in boosting testosterone levels.

What Foods Can You Eat To Increase Your Levels?

A variety of super foods can aid in increasing your levels of testosterone. Here are five foods that can help you spike your levels of this essential hormone:


Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain an essential mineral for the production of testosterone: Zinc. By eating a handful of pumpkin seeds, you are helping your body fend off a drop of libido. This is especially important for women, since Zinc blocks the enzyme that changes testosterone to estrogen. In men, zinc is essential for healthy prostate maintenance.

Zinc found in pumpkin seeds help to limit the amount of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that is produced from testosterone. Although DHT is important in low levels, it can quickly increase and cause health problems if not regulated by the presence of zinc in the body. Increases in DHT provoke enlarged prostate and can lead to prostate cancer.

goji berry

Goji Berries

A regular supply of this super food has been shown to increase male libido. It is a well-known supplement in Asia as a sexual tonic. They increase testosterone and improve your mood, well-being, and overall stamina.

Goji berries are also known as the most anti-aging herb that exists.



Bananas are a rich source of an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme helps with sexual health and a good source of B-vitamins, which help release testosterone in your body. They also increase your sex drive and energy levels.

The best part of bananas is their reasonable price and availability.



Adding more celery to your diet will increase a substance in your body called androsterone, which is an aphrodisiac that is released male perspiration.






Include more of this in your diet to help increase libido in men and women. It has a high level of folic acid and B6, a powerful hormone regulator. Avocados contain monounsaturated fats. LDL fats have been proven to clog arteries and also leads to erectile dysfunction. By eating more monounsaturated fats, you decrease the LDL levels in your body and its harmful effects on testosterone levels.

It’s important to note the dangers of falling testosterone levels as you age. Taking some preventative measures will help you level off this decline and prevent some of these risks. At the same time, you’ll increase libido and virility for optimal sexual health.

So if you’re a male approaching 30 years old or past it, make sure you include these five foods in your diet regularly.

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