5 Herbs That Can Help Your Erections

Let’s face it, most of you men are going to experience some weak wood as you age. Sure, there will be times you feel you can hang the wash on it, other times where it ‘kinda’ gets there and times your boy just may not rise to the occasion. Yes, your doc can write you a script for that miracle blue pill but who wants to rely on prescription drugs that may affect your kidneys and liver. Below are 5 herbs that can boost your erections. Do check with your doctor or naturopath before taking any herbal supplement.

The Power Berry

Herbs That Can Boost Your Erections

The saw palmetto berry has been used for centuries to assist in male sexual health. For an erectile  boost it has a two pronged approach. First, it can strengthen your prostate, a walnut sized gland just below your bladder responsible for seminal fluid release which stimulates an erection. Second, it can prevent testosterone (essential erection hormone) from turning into dihydrotestosterone (DHS) a hormone that has been associated with reducing testosterone levels as well as hair growth.


The Super Root

Herbs That Can Boost Your Erections
Believed to grow from the ejaculate of hanged men the Asian red ginseng root (which grows in the shape of a man) is the go-to herb for impotence. Now you may not be impotent but you are important and that is why using this as a preventive just may be the ticket. It has all sorts of healing capability but when it comes to blood flow to the penis it increases Nitric Oxide, an essential blood flow ingredient. It may not be best for those with prostate issues.



Something to Bark About

Herbs That Can Boost Your Erections

This herb comes from the bark of an Amazonian tree and is called Catuaba bark extract. It is believed to release sex hormones as well as enable the penis to hold erection forming blood flow. These two combinations make for a powerful aphrodisiac that has enabled Brazilian men from 30 to 90 to be able to enjoy healthy, thrusting sex lives. This extract can cause upset stomach and diarrhea until your body gets used to it. You should take a 1 week break from this supplement every 4-6 weeks. Check with your doctor or holistic practitioner.




Rocky Biloba

Herbs That Can Boost Your Erections

The extract from the leaves of the Gingko Biloba tree have been linked to relaxing smooth muscle sending blood to the extremities such as the hands, feet, brain and penis (the most important appendage). It also helps with mental clarity and memory.







Another Bark for Your Bite

Herbs That Can Boost Your Erections

There is a reason the bark of trees are long and hard and Muira Puama bark extract is no exception. It has been capable of increasing blood flow to the penis and testicles (extra blood flow to the tentacles could increase testosterone production). It can also improve sexual desire.



These 5 herbs that boost your erections are a small example of the many alternative choices in place of conventional medicine. It is important to communicate with your healthcare practitioner instead of self-prescribing to avoid any contraindications.



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