5 Tricks To Turn On a Woman Instantly

turn women onWomen are truly a mystery. What turns on one woman doesn’t work for another, and you’re always going to run into the same question: “What turns women on?”

So, what is the solution?

You need to have a variety of skills and tools, that you can use to hit the one trigger that turns on that specific woman. On the other hand if you’re a one trick pony, you’ll have problems turning on different types of women and you’ll only be able to focus one a specific kind.

And who wants to limit themselves to one type of woman? No one. Unless of course, you’re already in a relationship.

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In any case, you’re about to learn the 5 tricks that have been proven to work on several different types of women.

Decelerate and Talk Seductively

Have you ever seen any James Bond movies? What does 007 do? When he talks to a sexy woman he’s interested in, he looks straight into her eyes and speaks to her in a smooth, slow, and seductive tone. Pausing in between his words, making her know that he’s in control.

Before you know it, she’s following him back to his room, ready to sleep with him. Makes sense doesn’t it? We’ve all had that one friend who was smooth with his words and had a way of making eye contact with women. Learn from them, and before you know it these women will be in a trance, eager to see what you do next.

Ask her to Walk With You or Get a Drink

Many times you’ll find yourself with a woman in public places, with her friends or just random people causing a lot of ruckus and distraction. Telling a woman to join you for a walk or a drink let’s her know that you’re not messing around. That she has your full attention and you want hers.

This can be a hit or a miss. If the girl has the slightest interest in you, she’s going to feel special and more importantly turned on that you want quiet time with her. However, if she’s not attracted to you at all, then she’ll probably just ask to stay right where you guys are. Most of the time this trick will definitely work and you’ll have the opportunity to build rapport with her.

Triangle Gazing

You’re about to learn a little hypnosis that will get her to kiss you. The technique is exactly what you think. You’re going to look at her, starting at her left eye, then her right eye, then look at her lips for a few seconds. Keep your stare at each section for no more than 3 seconds.

What this does is implant the idea in her mind that you might be looking for a kiss. But there’s no way of her of knowing this. However, the idea of her lips is already implanted in her mind, and if she asks why you’re looking at her lips. Tell her exactly why.

Talk About Sex (At your own discretion)

This is one that’s a little more tricky and risky for the average male to use. If it works, well then let’s just say you’ve gotten done! If it’s a miss well you better find a way to bounce back and recover.

Depending on your situation or time you’ve already spent with a woman, will tell you if you can start talking about sex. I wouldn’t recommend talking about sex on a first date or if you’re just meeting the girl (of course there are exceptions). I would wait either till my second or third date before I can really take the chance and have her talk about it.

Remember, this is a very powerful trick, because if you give her the idea then she’ll be thinking about it. If you never talk about it, then she might never even have thought about sleeping with you. Make sure you give her the idea.

Pull Her Into You

By pulling the girl into you, it shows a form of dominance that many women actually like in a man. If you get the chance grab her waist and pull her into you, which will set you up for the kiss. This is a very powerful way to show a woman that she’s with a dominant male.

Remember, we all have animal instincts and since the beginning of time, the dominant male always gets the females. Be that dominant male and learn how to turn woman on by taking control.

Go Out And Try These Tricks

Now, that you know these 5 powerful tricks that turn women on, put it into action. Remember, every woman is turned on by different things. Try a few things out before deciding that you simply “can’t turn her on.” Every girl has a trigger, but it’s up to you to find what it is.

by Mason Cromwell, Jr.



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