6 Ways To Tell That She’s Into You

Attractive-Brunette-Woman-Talking-at-a-Bar-w-a-GuyYou’re a man, a man who wants to feel the warmth of a woman and yeah, that’s a euphemism for sex. Maybe it’s been a while and you forgot how to tell if a woman even likes you (since your last wife wouldn’t even let you sleep in the same bed). There are no maps that teach you how to read a woman, but there are certain signs that you can look for in order to better understand when they like you. Below are 6 easy ways to tell if she’s into you.

Playing With Her Hair

When a girl plays with her hair, it usually means one of two things (or a combination of both). She’s either outside her comfort zone, or she has a habit of playing with her hair. This will be a subconscious move on her part, so look for a smile while she does it, constant fidgety behavior and holding eye contact while you talk. If she does these in conjunction with her hair twirling, she’s definitely into you.

Leaning In When You Talk

This might be the subtlest one on the list, but look for it. If she leans in whenever you talk, she has genuine interest in what you’re saying which should be taken as clear indication that she’s into you. If she leans away, know that it means the exact opposite or that you have really bad breath.

Asking Your Name First

When a girl asks you what your name is before you ask her what her name is, she’s already interested in you. This may sound like a generalization, but the fact that she wants to know who you are before you know who she is should be clear indication that she’s into you.

Grabbing Her Wrist

 Biologically this is similar to the hair touching thing, but it’s actually been documented in other species that it is a way to show affection. When a female chimpanzee wants to show affection to a male chimp, she grabs her arm and exposes her wrist to the male. This is a sign that she is ready to mate. Being that our DNA is about 1% different than that of a chimp, we can infer that this is a very similar physical response to attraction in human females. When you see a girl do this, keep doing whatever you’re doing in order to take it to the next level!

Laughing At Everything You Say

Maybe you are HILARIOUS but there is no one on the planet is willing to laugh at everything you say unless they really like you.  This is a very simple way for her to flirt. Laughing shows affection with little to no speaking and it’s an engaging way for her to prove that she’s listening to everything you say. Take this as a sign that she digs you.

Touching You During Conversation

This one may seem obvious, but tons of men don’t pick up on it and they completely miss an opportunity. If you’re chatting with a girl and in the middle of the chat she laughs at something you say and touches your shoulder or your leg, she’s showing affection. Anything involving physical contact initiated by her is a sign that she’s ready to take things a step further. Take note when this happens, step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

Next time you’re interacting with a lovely lady, look for these subtleties. No one wants you to miss out on an opportunity for a little ‘fun’ and yes, that was another euphemism for sex.

by Mason Cromwell, Jr.



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