7 Healthy Foods to Increase Libido and Keep You Thin

love-tips-foods-to-increase-libidoA lot of websites will give you a list of things that will increase your libido. Each site giving you different opinions on which foods work and which foods won’t.

You’d find one site that tells you “eat Oysters” and then the next site you take a look at will tell you “Oysters are one of the 3 foods you should not eat.” So what do we do? Distrust the information put out to the internet? Of course not! We simply couldn’t because of how powerful and how  useful the internet is for information.

The solution is to try and do extra research on what you’re looking for and come to a logical conclusion. The good thing is we’ve decided to do the research and cut out all the questions and doubts for you. Not only are we giving you the top 7 foods we’ve found to be agreeable by many different sources, but we’re going to give you foods that will also keep you thin as well.

Stay Thin and Increase Libido with These 7 Healthy Foods

This may or may not include you, but when you look at the list below you might not be a big fan of these. But guess what? They’re healthy and will keep you from gaining fat.

1. Celery. Celery will probably be one of the least favorite to eat. However, it’s hard to deny the effectiveness of eating it, because it’s been proven to be a good source for sexual stimulation. The androsterone (odorless hormone),  it contains is released through male perspiration, turning women. Stay healthy eating celery by simply washing them, chopping them and eating it raw.

2. Bananas. So why haven’t I included other fruits that also increase libido? Most fruits contain Fructose which turns into  glycerol phosphate which then turns into more bodyfat (Bananas, tomatoes, avocadoes are excepted). Now that we have that out of the way, bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, which increases libido and reverses the impotence in men. On top of that bananas increase the body’s energy levels overall, because of the potassium and B vitamins it contains.

3. Avocados. Not only are avocados truly enjoyable to eat, but they also contain fatty acids that help the brain and heart. On top of that, they also contain vitamin B6 and potassium, nutrients that increase male hormone production and helps regulate women’s thyroid gland.

4. Almonds/Nuts. They contain essential fatty acids which provide the raw material for a man’s healthy production of hormones.

5. Eggs. They are high in protein (source of stamina) and low on carbs (good for losing weight). They are also a good source of amino acid L-arginine, which has treated types of heart ailments and erectile dysfunction.

6. Oysters. Oysters contain zync which has proven to increase sperm and testosterone production. They also contain dopamine which helps to build up libido. (Although we found 1 site that was against oysters, it was the one food that was mentioned in the majority of sites.)

7. Figs. They’re high in amino acids, which is believed to increase libido. They can also improve sexual stamina. (Although it is a sweet fruit, we just had to include this one for you to enjoy.

If you really don’t care about staying thin and not gaining fat we’ve included some more foods you can eat: dark chocolate, coffee, peaches, salmon, watermelon, garlic, ginger, etc.

Staying healthy and thin is simply 1 issue you have to worry about. What if there’s a possibility that you’re eating foods that are actually killing your sex drive? Read this article to see if you’re eating the wrong foods: 5 Foods that Kill Men’s Sex Drive.

Remember, if you want to actually lose fat while increasing your sex drive, take our advice and stick to the 7 healthy foods mentioned above. You not only have better sex, but also attract more women with your fit body.

by Mason Cromwell, Jr.



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