A Man’s Bedroom

She led me forcefully into my dimly lit bedroom. Her peach-scented perfume left me in a trance-like state as I wrapped an arm around her lower back, and kissed her neck below the jaw line.

This was it.

We met two hours before this, when I couldn’t help but notice her standing all alone behind the counter at an ice-cream store. It was eight-thirty and she had thirty minutes left before it closed. With no one else in the store, I decided to flirt shamelessly. As I approached her I held her in eye contact, gave a slight smirk, and remarked at the situation around us.

“Can I ask you a question? What is the best ice-cream for sitting at home and watching chick-flicks?”

Her bright blue eyes lit up for a second, and she played with her blonde hair searching for the answer during her light giggle. “YOU watch chick-flicks?” She responded holding my eye contact intently. I leaned slightly into the counter, and motioned for her ear in a playfully secretive manner. I looked around playfully and whispered, “You can’t tell ANYONE this, but the Notebook is like my favorite movie.”

She started to laugh, and agreed with me that the movie was great. I noticed the shift in her body language as the conversation turned. She leaned slightly over the counter in my direction, and gave me a golden opportunity to continue the conversation.

“What’s your name?”

I took a brief pause, and held her stare lightly. I raised my shoulders and told her, “Guess. If you get it right I will buy you a scoop of your favorite ice-cream.” She sucked in her lip a little and sized me up, adjusted her bangs and guessed. “Tony?” I took an excited breath and lifted my face in surprise. “How did you guess that? No.” She gave a strong smile to my playful tone, and I knew at that point.

I had the confidence, and knowledge to take her home THAT night, and deliver where it matters most: the BEDROOM.

Gentlemen, the bedroom is a perfect example of what separates MEN from guys. What I’m about to ask you may make you uneasy, or unsure. Make no mistake about it, this could be one of the most important things to know about yourself.

Are you a MAN in the bedroom?

Men and guys while co-existing are two very different breeds. The MAN has confidence no matter where he is at, or who he is talking to. The guy will be hesitant to enter uncomfortable situations, usually opting to stare at the ground. The MAN speaks to the women he is sexually attracted to, because it’s his RIGHT. The guy will always wonder what would have happened, had he approached the beautiful women he saw.

How a MAN views the bedroom, is very different than how a guy views it. Let’s get a sense of both views.

The guys bedroom is ninety percent boredom, ten percent adrenaline rush. A guys bedroom might be plain, a television on a stand, maybe a video-game console. Yesterday’s clothes, or even worse, the weeks clothes strewn along the floor. His bed may or may not be made. HIS PRIMARY USE FOR HIS BEDROOM IS SLEEP.

The MAN understands his bedroom is relaxed, and inviting. He realizes that the bedroom is his DOMAIN. He keeps his belongings clean and organized. While he has several items that the guy may have, he uses them differently. The television, is rarely used. He has better ways to spend his time. The Ipod Dock sits cleanly next to it, along with an affordable speaker system. On the dresser sit small candles, and a lighter. Near his neatly made bed, sits a simple nightstand with a lamp, and a book nestled near it. In the drawer lies a collection of easy to use massage oils, and condoms. HIS PRIMARY USE FOR HIS BEDROOM IS SEX.

The differences in the views are simple. Guys view sex as a RANDOM occurrence. MEN view sex as INEVITABILITY.

Take care of your bedroom guys, you never know when she might be over there, hopefully more often than not.

Get it ToGetHer,



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