MaxGenics Alpha Fuel Review

Review: The MaxGenics Alpha Fuel pre-workout

alpha fuel reviewToo many pre-workout supplements make me feel horrible. I like getting that extra push to make me work harder, though, so I take them. I hate taking pills before a workout so I always get a powder. I have a sensitive stomach so I need a supplement that doesn’t give me any issues with digestion too. Up until now my experiences with pre-workout supplements have been similar.


A lot of pre-workout supplements are sour and gross. They fizz up and foam and once one even exploded on me (I shook it up too much). I even felt like I had a psychoactive experience on some of them (specifically Nano Vapor), which was not fun. I felt like the incredible Hulk. It was freaky and terrifying.White Flood made feel that way too. One time, when I took Nsane, I kind of flipped out at someone in the locker room because I thought he was moving too slow. It didn’t go over well and I realized that I was the weird one pretty quickly, not the other way around.

I take supplements to make me feel better and push me harder, not make me a gorilla head. That’s not what I’m about. I’m not a jerk so I shouldn’t have to consciously try not to be one in the gym.

I found this good pre-workout supplement that I feel compelled to share. It’s called MaxGenics Alpha Fuel, and it’s meant to push you just enough to maximize potential muscle growth.

MaxGenics Alpha Fuel Increased My Reps

I didn’t feel like I was a super hero on this stuff, I just felt like a normal guy who can push mad weight at the gym. That’s exactly what Alpha Fuel did for me. I was able to lift more weight, like 15 pounds more weight. I worked out with intensity but Alpha Fuel wasn’t so intense that I felt I needed to punch through the wall and sprint around the locker rooms. It was great. I had a steady amount of energy all the way through my workout and didn’t crash.

The pump was really good. I felt gigantic after working my shoulders, chest, and back. It felt good. I was walking with a lot of confidence after my workout. I think one of the girls that works out at my gym was noticing. I didn’t get a crazy tingle that I got with Xplode, and I liked that. I don’t like to be tingling so much that it’s a distraction.

Alpha Fuel Tastes Amazing

I don’t usually care much about the flavor of supplements as long as they work, but this one was honestly not bad. No foam. No fizz. No clumps. I didn’t’ have to worry that it’d explode on me. A lot of the ones I’ve tried leave his chemical, sour after taste in your mouth. There wasn’t anything like that with Alpha Fuel.

I don’t think the price was bad at all. The ingredients are quality and work so the price is really fair. I don’t remember exactly how much I spent on it but it wasn’t the most expensive supplement I’ve bought.

 Verdict Alpha Fuel Works

Overall I really like Alpha Fuel. I like my results. My muscles have grown. I see more gain than I’ve seen with other supplements. I plan on buying this again.

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