SOLVED: The Curse Of The Whisky Dick


As fun as a night out drinking may be, there is one downfall and that is the dreaded whisky dick. Whisky dick is the commonly cited problem that causes men to remain flaccid even though they are about to engage in much desired sexual activity – Usually from too much consumption of alcohol (probably whiskey-related). […]

Hot Tub Sex: Hot and Bubbly or Gross and Awkward?


As the warm weather approaches, you might be tempted to plan an evening in your hot tub with plenty of hot and heavy action. While sex in a hot tub might sound like a fun and intriguing way to spend a summer evening, there are some hard facts that you and your partner should know […]

What’s an Amino Acid and How Do They Improve My Sex Life?


Amino acids are plentiful in the foods that we consume, but many fail to realize that these naturally occurring compounds actually can help to improve your sex life too. In fact, many of the male enhancement supplements that are sold on the market contain one of three primary amino acids that have been scientifically linked […]

Alcohol and Sex: The True Keys to Happiness?


It may not be sex and candy but it’s close – According to a new study conducted by Carsten Grimm, from New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, individuals seem to rank sex and alcohol as the activities that makes them the happiest in life. Based on this study, the average human would say that sex and drinking is actually […]

Mega Endurance Review: Does Mega Endurance Work?


For men that want to enhance their exercise routines or who have issues with stamina or longevity during sex there is a new supplement created by a former porn star named John Lawrence. It’s called Mega Endurance and it was specially formulated to allow men to last longer in the bedroom and have increased physical […]

Mega Enhancement Review: Does Mega Enhancement Work?


  For men that are concerned about their declining levels of testosterone as they age, Lawrence Supplements has released a product called Mega Enhancement. The pills provide users with increased erection size, amplified sexual stamina, and better sexual performance. The formula was created by a former porn star named John Lawrence and it’s a proprietary […]

Read This Before You Shave Your Balls


Why do you need to know how to shave your balls? Because one day, you will, and when that day comes, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up slipping and falling on your bathroom floor, slowly passing out in a pool of your own scrotal blood. That doesn’t sound fun, does […]

Shrinkage: What Happens And Why


You know the feeling. You get out of the pool or shower and you’re a little bit cold and you look down and notice that your manhood isn’t as big as it usually is. But how and why does shrinkage happen? You arms and legs don’t shrink when they get cold. The penis seems to […]

Get Laid On Your Next Business Trip


You finally got that promotion you were waiting for. Now they send you out of the office every few weeks to attend conferences or have sales meetings. But all of those nights out of town and away from the wife can get lonely. What’s a successful business professional to do? Just because you’re on the […]

Would You Live Longer If You Were Castrated?


We’ve all been there. At some point every guy has thought about how much easier life would be if they didn’t have their dick getting them into trouble all the time. But I don’t know anyone who has actually considered really cutting it off. For all the trouble it gets us into, it seems the […]