Top Lists: 13 God Tier Photoshoppers


Ahhhh, photoshop. Making men look buffer and warp walls since the early 2000s. What a wonderful world we live in.                    More Ask Men Answers Top Lists

Top 10 List: The Dumbest Feminists


Feminism. It’s not a new term, but in the last year, it’s exploded into a fiery blaze of misunderstood philosophy, bickering and general stupidity. Feminism itself is a nebulous term — what makes a feminist? What makes an anti-feminist? It’s a blurry line, further blurred by idiots on both sides. I’m all for feminism — […]

Tijuana Hookers: A Field Guide


Gather ’round children, because today we’re going to learn about Tijuana hookers. When it comes to the sex tourism, Tijuana is a highly underrated destination. Tijuana has some major advantages that many men just don’t know about: Contrary to popular belief, the hookers are smokin’ hot. STD testing is mandatory. You get MAJOR bang for […]

The 6 creepiest sex dolls(You won’t believe #6 is real).


Sex Dolls come in all shapes and sizes, from the uber-realistic, to the cartoonishly outlandish. But they all have one thing in common: they’re boundlessly weird. Here’s 5 home-made versions(including one that actually was produced and sold online for a short while) that run the gamut of creativity and creepiness. 1. The Severed Headgina Just […]

The 10 Hottest Teachers That Had Sex With Their Students


Ten Sexy Teachers That Can Put Me In Detention Any Time. These are the kind of sizzling babes that Van Halen wrote about when they were wailing away in the 80s. Ready to get hot for teacher? Read on. 1. Amy McElhenny Amy McElhenney was indicted back in 2006 in Denton County, Texas, for having […]

Not Just Rape. The Woman Who Had Consensual Dolphin Sex.

dolphin sex

Is Dolphin Sex Becoming Normal? We’ve already (proudly) covered the topic of dolphin rape here at Ask Men Answers, but it appears that there’s another kettle of fish (yeah…) here that might surprise you: People have consensual, intentional sex with dolphins. Dolphin sex is real. Enter the story of Margaret Howe Lovatt, a researcher who, […]

Top 5: Celebrity Sex Tapes (#4 will make you pop)


1. Paris Hilton Every male of pubescent age in the early 00s is sure to know this one. Also known by the supremely clever moniker “1 Night In Paris” (get it?), this relic of the Camcorder Age is truly a wonderful sight to behold for anyone looking for a dose of nostalgia. Although Ms. Hilton’s […]

New Film “Lucy” Asks: How Much of Our Brain Do We Really Use?

Scarlett Johansson

“You only use 10% of your brain. Imagine what you could accomplish if you used the other 90%!” This is the premise of Scarlett Johansson’s new sci-fi action thriller, “Lucy,” opening July 25. Directed by Luc Besson (The Professional, The 5th Element), Johansson stars as the title character, forced to work as a drug mule […]

How to Get Hot Girls to Come To Your Orgy


Over the years, I’ve attended many an orgy. Some have occurred spontaneously, the result of spur-of-the-moment, alcohol-induced, hormone-coerced decision making. These I call the “unprofessional” orgy. The kind that comes about organically, rising from the primordial stew of desire, slipping through the haze of martini sweat. I’ve been involved in a few of those, and […]

How To Get A Free Happy Ending


I remember my first happy ending. It was about as happy an ending as a Kubrick film. All excited to be getting my first ever rub-n-tug, 23-year-old me waited in the massage room, a barren cubicle with a concrete mattress and walls of paper. Then my masseuse came in, and the excitement drained out of […]