How Much Cringe Can You Handle?


Today, we’ve got a test. It’s a simple test, with simple rules. Below, you’ll see a series of pictures. These pictures we have assembled over years of innerweb scouting — they are, from years of searching, some of the most cringeworthy pictures we could find. Look through these pictures. If you’re able to pass by […]

Top 10 Funniest Wasted Gifs


Wasted GIFs have been cracking us up all day here at the Ask Men Answers offices. If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto (III and on), you’ll recognize these GIFs. If you haven’t well, then you’ll have no idea. Whenever you die in GTA, the screen turns black and white, then red, with the words […]

The 3 Biggest Badasses In History

jack church

You’re Not An Alpha. These Guys Are. You think you’re an alpha? Well, you’re not. The early 20th century was possibly the best time for men – an era filled with true alphas. This was a time where men were men – powerful, confident, honest and full of integrity. All of these qualities come as […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Neckbeards on the Internet


Neckbeards. They’re gorgeous. Whether they’re defending athiesm, fapping, watching animus, fapping, thinking about chivalry, fapping and fapping, they always find a way to look their absolute best. Because everyone knows the best way to attract a wonderful girl that’s worth your time is by white-knighting, wearing fedoras, eating Taco Bell and having the beardiest neck […]

The Science Of Turning On Women


Science, Finally Helpin’ A Brother Out. Science has finally answered the question of what it is that really turns a woman on. A study coming from a research team at the Université du Québec à Montréal has finally identified the areas and movements that are most effective at stimulating women. They based their research on […]

Pro Tip: Don’t Skip Leg Day. Ever.


Bawk-bawk, chicken legs. Leg day is nobody’s favorite day of the week, regardless of what that annoying fitness freak pseudo-friend who says leg day is his favorite day of the weeks says. But those who avoid it suffer dire consequences, like these clowns.   1. At least this dude tried to hide it. The shadows […]

What REALLY happened in the Hero Cat Video.


The Secret Story Behind The Hero Cat     So by now you’ve definitely seen the video of the dog attacking a child, only for a valiant, intrepid hero cat to come and save the day! But beneath the surface of this beautiful story of an eternal furry wizard riding in on Shadowfax and saving […]

5 Reasons Why Porn Sucks

porn key

The Top 5 Worst Things About Modern Porn Porn is fantastic for so, so many reasons. But there’s also a billion horrible things about porno too. As technology has improved, so has production value. A lot of the higher-echelon porn companies like Brazzers and BangBros have turned the porn industry into Hollywood Jr., staging ever […]

Here’s Why Not To Take the Roids


Steroids. We could talk about these fuckers all day. Are they good for you? Absolutely not. Are they bad for you? That depends. There’s no question that they can get you freakish, mutant gains. That’s not up for debate. They’re basically artificial monster fuel for your body that can swell your muscles into a crazy […]

3 Classic N64 Games That Are Completely Impossible As An Adult


I Was Good At These Once, I Swear. If you’re like me, your gaming ability has decreased rapidly since the glory days of 10-11 years old. As my time to play has melted away, so have my skills, and for a while, I was okay with that, considering the difficulty of modern games(Dark Souls excluded) […]