Whole Body Transformation: Does it work?

Whole Body Transformation

Whole Body Transformation Weight Loss Kit I’ve needed to lose some weight for a while, but let’s face it, dieting sucks. And all weight loss programs are basically the same. I’ll give you the same advice they give for free: Eat less. Well, I know I have to eat less. What I need is a […]

The Not-So-Magical Effects Soy Has on Our Testosterone


For the most part, men typically shy away from soy because of the stigma that has been attached to it and estrogen, but could this be a myth? If you turn over the box in some of your favorite health foods you might be surprised to learn that soy is one of the ingredients, not […]

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide


“What should I do for Valentine’s Day?” by Sophia Tindall No matter how hard you try to avoid it every year, Valentine’s Day is inevitable (like death and taxes). If you just started seeing someone new, you may be wondering “what do I do for Valentine’s Day?” Your gut instinct may be to just avoid […]

Signs She Wants You In Bed Tonight


“Signs She Wants You In Bed Tonight…” by Sophia Tindall I will be the first to admit it: women are confusing. Mind games, mixed messages and passive aggressiveness comes very naturally to us. Your job – as a man – is to learn these subtleties and use them to your benefit. You see, it will […]

10 Unique Date Ideas


by Sophia Tindall If you want to impress a special lady, you need to bring your “A game”. An extraordinary woman deserves and extraordinary date. Instead of a typical dinner and movie date, plan something that will knock her socks off and leave her yearning for you. Here are some unique date ideas that should […]

Where To Find Girls With High Sex Drives


“all the problems in the world can be solved if we all had high sex drives…” by Sophia Tindall Guys, do you often feel that you don’t get enough sex? Do you have trouble finding girls with high sex drives? I get a lot of emails from men who complain that they are never satisfied: […]

Satisfy Your Lady: Why Keeping It Up Longer & Harder Are Crucial For A Good Relationship


by Sophia Tindall “Keeping it up…” Women don’t openly admit they like to have sex and that they like having a guy who knows how to give them pleasure. But they do. However, it’s not always a simple task for men when it comes to intercourse. Nature isn’t fair. It’s easier for a woman to […]

Three Types Of Women You Don’t Know How To Impress


“Impress women…” by Sophia Tindall You find a woman at a party, and you’re instantly attracted to her. She’s either the center of attention, or a high class girl with polished elegance, or even a dreamy woman whose positivity is highly contagious. You can’t seem to break your way into these women and you don’t […]

How To Date Difficult Women


  by Sophia Tindall You can’t control who you are attracted to and sometimes you just fall for a type of women who require a lot of your attention. You know, the difficult women who are self-centered, moody, jealous, or completely unpredictable… and they drive you crazy! But no matter what their behavior, they still […]