Bravado Review: Does Bravado Work?




There are quite a number of male enhancement pills and concoctions available in the market today. The key is finding the right one that is safe and effective for the individual. It is also highly recommended that ingredients be reviewed to see what chemicals or compounds are used to stimulate the body. In the end, it is a matter of how the product used would deliver on its promise of larger erections, increased sexual stamina, intense orgasm and control over ejaculation. One that fits the bill is Bravado Sexual Enhancement pill.

The main effect of Bravado is its ability to induce enlargement of the penis without need for surgical enhancement. The manufacturer claims that users experience a 28% increase in penis size with use of the product. Another effect would be to increase the individual’s sexual drive to create improved sexual performance.


The central ingredients used in Bravado are formulated in its patented circulated oral discharge technology named FORT. This system helps with the nutrient flow inside the body. The technology ensures faster and more efficient absorption by the body. The site provides no information on its ingredients, except that it is a scientifically advanced, medically proven formula.


The website recommends that Bravado be consulted first before taking the medication.


There is a thirty (30) day money back guarantee, a risk free sample and an onsite form for ordering.


There are major problems in this area as there is no formulation provided or even an ingredients list in the website or the product itself. All the manufacturer provides are assurances of its all natural formulation and effectiveness. This is all advertiser’s fluff.


It is best to avoid this product. There is no listing as to ingredients. The warning that this product need to be consulted with a medical professional is proof of the possible negative effects of the product.