Can Swallowing Help Cure A Woman’s Depression?

Can Swallowing Help Cure A Woman's Depression

If your wife or girlfriend has been down in the dumps lately, it could be that she just hasn’t been giving you enough blowjobs. No, really. This might sound like some sick joke dreamed up by a guy that just wants his girl to stop spitting, but there is actually some evidence that indicates certain compounds found in ejaculate may help improve the mood of women.

Scientists have long been doing important work in the field of how to get more blowjobs.

The ancient Greek founder of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, wrote that hysteria in women could be caused by a lack of semen.

In 2002 a study was conducted among sexually active female college students that found that women who did not use condoms and were exposed to more semen were less depressed and had fewer thoughts of suicide.

Here are some of the ingredients in cum that can help make your woman happier.

Prostaglandins. A Canadian psychiatrist Phillip G. Ney wrote in 1986 that semen contains certain fatty acids called prostaglandins— hormones linked to premenstrual syndrome. Research has shown that an imbalance of prostaglandins in the body can worsen the symptoms of PMS.

Magnesium. Semen is rich in magnesium and research has shown that magnesium supplementation can assist in balancing mood and also help alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Phosphatase. Semen also contains an enzyme called phosphatase, which is used by the human brain for higher-order brain functions such as learning or memory.

Lipids. Also found in ejaculate, Lipids have been shown to have health benefits associated with dementia, mood disorders, and cancer.

Zinc. There are also 16.5mg of Zinc per 100mL of semen. Zinc has been shown to improve mood states in young women. Zinc deficiencies affect 30% of the world population and mood swings are a reported symptom. A Japanese research trial showed that women who received Zinc supplements had reduced depression and anger.

Other benefits:

It may also help to prevent or cure cancer. The glycoproteins and selenium found in cum have been shown to reduce breast cancer by more than 50% in clinical studies.

It could increase her libido. Absorption of the testosterone found in semen may increase her sex drive.

Hopefully your partner does not have a semen allergy, something else that is a very real phenomenon. People allergic to semen typically break out in hives or a rash and sometimes have difficulty breathing. Luckily, one of the recommended treatments for curing the allergy is repeated exposure to semen, so you can get to work trying to cure her of her terrible malady without it ruining your sex life.

Talking about the multi-vitamin properties of your cum the next time you’re trying to pick up a girl at the bar might not be the best strategy, but if you’ve been having trouble getting your girlfriend or wife to swallow after oral sex, you might want to forward her this article.

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