Ebola Shmebola: It’s Actually Pretty Neat


The media coverage of Ebola has simmered a little bit lately, but make no mistake — this disease still has incredible potential to explode into an all-encompassing pandemic of Biblical proportions. Just because the 24-hour news cycle has decided to cover other things at the moment, that doesn’t mean that we’re out of the woods. […]

Your Guide to Halloween Hunkdom

pasta hunk

If you couldn’t tell from the quasi-pagan décor plastering the entrance of your local grocery store, Halloween is right around the corner. As a child the prospect of receiving candy without having to say “please” while also participating in a large scale, fully permissible game of dress-up was almost too much for your tiny, foolish […]

How To Rock Jihadi Cool


ISIS has beheaded a second US journalist this week in Steven Sotloff, again by the same black-clad jihadist with a London accent. He has recently been identified as London resident Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, also known as rapper L Jinny. L Jinny joins a series of young Westerners who are packing up their PS4s, stealing their […]

I Dare You Not To Laugh


I have a simple challenge for you: don’t laugh.                  

Flip Snakes, Get Money, Crush Hoes.


I was sitting on the couch watching American Gladiators when Kyle asked a question that would change my life forever. “Hey, man, want to buy some snakes?” “What?” I replied. I wasn’t sure if I heard him right. “Some snakes. There’s some people selling a couple snakes on Craigslist up in Jackson. The way I […]

Romi Rain: 7 Facts You Don’t Know About Women [EXCLUSIVE]

romi rain

Romi Rain wants YOU….to get laid. If you’ve ever enjoyed any “private time” on the internet, you’ve definitely seen her steaming hot XXX movies. One look at Romi Rain, and you’ll be hooked. This raven-haired Italian-American beauty hails from Boston, MA, and with over 200 scenes shot so far, she’s one of the hottest adult […]

How To Build The Ultimate Office Fort


As you get older and become a man,  there’s certain things you grow out of. Saturday morning cartoons. Hide and seek. Pants. But one thing we never grow out of as men is our desire to build. Build motherfuckin’ forts. As a kid, a fort was a place of infinite wonder — a hall of […]

Top Lists: 10 Cringiest Neckbeard Videos


Neckbeards doing their neckbeard thing. Nothing else to preface this with. Just bask in the glow. 1. Vegan Vaginaman Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster I’m over 18 and a strict vegan, otherwise I would have had to miss out on this erotic masterpiece.  2. Waifu This video confirms the long-held suspicion that even serial killers […]

5 Dangerous Youtube Challenges Every Dad Needs to Know


The world is in trouble.  Serious trouble. “Why,” you ask? Has Putin finally pushed that big red button on the underside of his desk?  Has ebola taken root in other countries, spreading virulently throughout the world population? Has Israel turned their formidable nuclear capabilities outward? Have  mutant ichthyoid creatures from the Marianas trench risen to […]

Is This The Sexiest Workout For Women?

react trainer

So recently I came across this video today. It’s a video of the finest of reality TV females, Coco (I don’t think she has a last name), the wife of rapper turned stilted actor Ice-T, sensuously bouncing up and down on a surfboard-treadmill hybrid, while her magnificent assets shine from under her pink workout attire. […]