Your Guide to Halloween Hunkdom

pasta hunk

If you couldn’t tell from the quasi-pagan décor plastering the entrance of your local grocery store, Halloween is right around the corner. As a child the prospect of receiving candy without having to say “please” while also participating in a large scale, fully permissible game of dress-up was almost too much for your tiny, foolish […]

Romi Rain: 7 Facts You Don’t Know About Women [EXCLUSIVE]

romi rain

Romi Rain wants YOU….to get laid. If you’ve ever enjoyed any “private time” on the internet, you’ve definitely seen her steaming hot XXX movies. One look at Romi Rain, and you’ll be hooked. This raven-haired Italian-American beauty hails from Boston, MA, and with over 200 scenes shot so far, she’s one of the hottest adult […]

“He Never Called.” Let A Man Explain.

I typically write advice articles for men. But today I am pressed into duty to provide some much-needed advice to the opposite sex. So ladies, listen up. Because the truth bullets I’m about to discharge will sting, but they will also help you avoid scaring off a perfectly date-worthy man. Recently, a female friend brought […]

Tijuana Hookers: A Field Guide


Gather ’round children, because today we’re going to learn about Tijuana hookers. When it comes to the sex tourism, Tijuana is a highly underrated destination. Tijuana has some major advantages that many men just don’t know about: Contrary to popular belief, the hookers are smokin’ hot. STD testing is mandatory. You get MAJOR bang for […]

Not Just Rape. The Woman Who Had Consensual Dolphin Sex.

dolphin sex

Is Dolphin Sex Becoming Normal? We’ve already (proudly) covered the topic of dolphin rape here at Ask Men Answers, but it appears that there’s another kettle of fish (yeah…) here that might surprise you: People have consensual, intentional sex with dolphins. Dolphin sex is real. Enter the story of Margaret Howe Lovatt, a researcher who, […]

How to Get Hot Girls to Come To Your Orgy


Over the years, I’ve attended many an orgy. Some have occurred spontaneously, the result of spur-of-the-moment, alcohol-induced, hormone-coerced decision making. These I call the “unprofessional” orgy. The kind that comes about organically, rising from the primordial stew of desire, slipping through the haze of martini sweat. I’ve been involved in a few of those, and […]

How To Get A Free Happy Ending


I remember my first happy ending. It was about as happy an ending as a Kubrick film. All excited to be getting my first ever rub-n-tug, 23-year-old me waited in the massage room, a barren cubicle with a concrete mattress and walls of paper. Then my masseuse came in, and the excitement drained out of […]

How Much Cringe Can You Handle?


Today, we’ve got a test. It’s a simple test, with simple rules. Below, you’ll see a series of pictures. These pictures we have assembled over years of innerweb scouting — they are, from years of searching, some of the most cringeworthy pictures we could find. Look through these pictures. If you’re able to pass by […]

The Science Of Turning On Women


Science, Finally Helpin’ A Brother Out. Science has finally answered the question of what it is that really turns a woman on. A study coming from a research team at the Université du Québec à Montréal has finally identified the areas and movements that are most effective at stimulating women. They based their research on […]

Pro Tip: Don’t Skip Leg Day. Ever.


Bawk-bawk, chicken legs. Leg day is nobody’s favorite day of the week, regardless of what that annoying fitness freak pseudo-friend who says leg day is his favorite day of the weeks says. But those who avoid it suffer dire consequences, like these clowns.   1. At least this dude tried to hide it. The shadows […]