What REALLY happened in the Hero Cat Video.


The Secret Story Behind The Hero Cat     So by now you’ve definitely seen the video of the dog attacking a child, only for a valiant, intrepid hero cat to come and save the day! But beneath the surface of this beautiful story of an eternal furry wizard riding in on Shadowfax and saving […]

5 Reasons Why Porn Sucks

porn key

The Top 5 Worst Things About Modern Porn Porn is fantastic for so, so many reasons. But there’s also a billion horrible things about porno too. As technology has improved, so has production value. A lot of the higher-echelon porn companies like Brazzers and BangBros have turned the porn industry into Hollywood Jr., staging ever […]

3 Classic N64 Games That Are Completely Impossible As An Adult


I Was Good At These Once, I Swear. If you’re like me, your gaming ability has decreased rapidly since the glory days of 10-11 years old. As my time to play has melted away, so have my skills, and for a while, I was okay with that, considering the difficulty of modern games(Dark Souls excluded) […]

The 5 Best Public Freakouts Of All Time


Five of the Most Insane Public Freakouts Ever Captured on Camera People are crazy. The Classic Golf-Club to the Pickup Truck   Okay, this is straight out of a country song. Classic redneck moves here, folks. Woman gets heart broken. Woman takes golf club to pick up truck and shitty Camaro with “upgrades”. She shouts […]

How To Convince Your Wife To Have Sex With You

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Yes, YOU TOO Can Save Your Sex Life Been in a relationship for a long time and not getting laid anymore? Don’t sweat it. I’m in the same situation and I’ve come up with some tricks that work every time. Well, 98% of the time, they work every time. Passive-Aggressive Masturbation This is easy. Ask […]

The Top 5 Weirdest Deaths During Sex

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Sex Ain’t Always A Walk In The Park Of all the ways to die, having sex has to be amongst the best ways to do it. In a lot of ways, it’s like proverbial “going out with guns blazing”. In most cases, your gun is literally blazing. Expiring and ejaculating isn’t a very common thing, […]

Exclusive Interview: Marco The NLP Expert


Today I was lucky enough to interview Marco The NLP Expert. This will be the first installation of a multi-part series. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: MARCO THE NLP EXPERT Mason: Hi Marco. Thanks for joining me. We’d like to know a little more about you. Where were you when you first heard about NLP? Marco: That’s a […]

The Prom Draft Is The Greatest Way To Find A Date


Getting Your First Pick In The Draft Takes On A Whole New Meaning With the Prom Draft Remember prom? Remember the excessive anxiety, the building tension, the nervous energy that was present when you thought about who you would ask or take to the dance? Well, every year anxiety has been ratcheted up. With every […]

Five Surefire Ways To Get Laid On The First Date


Ten Surefire Ways To Get Laid On the First Date First dates are always a bit confusing – someone you don’t actually know is pouring a lot of information on you at one time. Besides, chances are you could be wasting your time and money by taking her out. Whether you want a second date […]

Ten Places to Add to Your Sexual Bucket List

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A lot of people have bucket lists full of boring things like “run a marathon” or “visit Machu Picchu”. I don’t waste time making lists like that. Running a marathon is all good and well, but it just isn’t that fun. If I’m going to make a bucket list, I want it to involve something […]