5 First Date Mistakes

first date mistakes

A first date is one of the more nerve-racking and sometimes cumbersome stages of a new relationship. The opening seconds of convening with one another, the hesitation of showing a bold front and going in for the kill when you drive her home, or the question of whether or not you’ll ever see the girl […]

5 Herbs That Can Help Your Erections


Let’s face it, most of you men are going to experience some weak wood as you age. Sure, there will be times you feel you can hang the wash on it, other times where it ‘kinda’ gets there and times your boy just may not rise to the occasion. Yes, your doc can write you […]

How Can I Boost My Testosterone?


No man wants to admit they have low T. Unfortunately, as men age, testosterone levels naturally decline. For some men this happens earlier in life and can be a concern. Testosterone is used by the body to maintain muscle mass, bone mass, and sex drive. When a male begins to lose testosterone early it can […]

Muira Puama For Male Enhancement?


Which male enhancement supplement is right for you? We tried them all. Click here to see the best one we’ve found. There are a number of natural supplements containing plants and roots from all over the globe that promise to help improve male sexual health and libido. One such plant is Muira Puama, which is derived from […]

Reddit Answers: What if Cosmo was for Guys?


Among magazine publications, Cosmopolitan has offered some of the worst sex advice in the history of sex… And believe me, man has been having sex for a LONG time! With a slew of questionable advice in virtually every issue, this magazine staple is no stranger to controversy among men. Here’s some gold: [on sex] “Firmly […]

Horny Goat Weed – Is the Hype as Good as it’s Name?


If you have shopped around for natural male enhancement supplements, and have paid any attention to the ingredients within them, you have likely gotten a little chuckle for one of the common ingredients – horny goat weed. But, before you chuckle too loudly and pass up these male enhancement supplements as a joke, you should […]

Tribulus Terrestris: How this Lowly Weed Can Raise Your Libido


If you are searching for a male enhancement supplement and conducting the necessary research to find the right one for you, then you have likely come across a few pills that contain Tribulus terrestris. Tribulus terrestris, as extraterrestrial sounding as it may be, is actually the scientific name for a flowering plant that can be […]

What is the Role of L-Arginine in Male Enhancement Pills?


Most male enhancement pillsthat are on the market today are centered around one common ingredient, L-Arginine. It is found in the most effective male enhancement supplements like PHGH. In the process of searching for the right supplement to help boost your sex life, you are likely to come across this ingredient at least once, so […]

SOLVED: The Curse Of The Whisky Dick


As fun as a night out drinking may be, there is one downfall and that is the dreaded whisky dick. Whisky dick is the commonly cited problem that causes men to remain flaccid even though they are about to engage in much desired sexual activity – Usually from too much consumption of alcohol (probably whiskey-related). […]

Hot Tub Sex: Hot and Bubbly or Gross and Awkward?


As the warm weather approaches, you might be tempted to plan an evening in your hot tub with plenty of hot and heavy action. While sex in a hot tub might sound like a fun and intriguing way to spend a summer evening, there are some hard facts that you and your partner should know […]