The Not-So-Magical Effects Soy Has on Our Testosterone


For the most part, men typically shy away from soy because of the stigma that has been attached to it and estrogen, but could this be a myth? If you turn over the box in some of your favorite health foods you might be surprised to learn that soy is one of the ingredients, not […]

Can Nuts and Oils Raise Your Natural Testosterone?


As men age it is not uncommon to feel a decrease in their sex drive caused by decreasing testosterone levels. Men at any age can honestly begin to feel the effects of this hormone decreasing, but there are ways to help naturally remedy this problem. You may have heard that oils and nuts can have […]

Fad Diets: Are There Any That Really Work?


If you have ever turned on your television or gotten online, then you have likely heard of some type of fad diet with large promises of weight loss. While most appear legitimate, most of us can’t help but ask if any of them really work? Take a look at some of the fad diets you […]

How to Avoid the Drop in Testosterone as You Age


It’s no secret and you are not the first, nor the last, male that will suffer from decreasing testosterone levels as you get another year older. Whether you have noticed a downward slide in your libido or have seen an increase in erectile dysfunction situations occurring when approached with sexual activity, you are certainly not […]

The One Exercise That Will Improve Your Sex Life


If you have spent any amount of time in the gym, then you have probably heard various viewpoints as to whether or not squat exercises can help to increase your testosterone levels. But some men know a secret: Squats will improve your sex life. Especially if you suffer from a decreasing libido or erection difficulties. Is this another fitness […]

Read This Before You Shave Your Balls


Why do you need to know how to shave your balls? Because one day, you will, and when that day comes, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up slipping and falling on your bathroom floor, slowly passing out in a pool of your own scrotal blood. That doesn’t sound fun, does […]

Shrinkage: What Happens And Why


You know the feeling. You get out of the pool or shower and you’re a little bit cold and you look down and notice that your manhood isn’t as big as it usually is. But how and why does shrinkage happen? You arms and legs don’t shrink when they get cold. The penis seems to […]

Would You Live Longer If You Were Castrated?


We’ve all been there. At some point every guy has thought about how much easier life would be if they didn’t have their dick getting them into trouble all the time. But I don’t know anyone who has actually considered really cutting it off. For all the trouble it gets us into, it seems the […]

What Happens When You Ejaculate?


You know what it feels like, but do you actually know what is happening when your body ejaculates? Well, don’t feel bad, scientists don’t know a whole lot about it either. It turns out, there actually hasn’t been much research into what physical mechanisms are involved when a man orgasms. The medical volume Standard Practice […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?


There are a number of different symptoms you may experience if you are suffering from Low Testosterone or Low T. If you think you have low testosterone, you should consult your doctor, as the cause may be due to a more serious medical condition. Also the symptoms for Low T are a bit broad and […]