Solve Your Girl’s Chronic Bad Breath


Not everyone’s breath smells like roses and strawberries. It can happen to anybody. One minute you’re having a nice conversation with someone and the next you get a whiff of something that smells like rotting garbage. Is it your breath or is it hers? If your girl has chronic bad breath it could be a […]

Is Your Antidepressant Making You More Depressed?


Your antidepressants could be making you even more depressed. If you’ve heard that one of the side effects of your antidepressant could be reduced sex drive, this could be why. A study by the University of California at San Francisco found that many users of antidepressants had lowered levels of testosterone, which only increased their […]

How to Gain Weight: Quick Guide for the Skinny Guy

how to gain weight

How to gain weight? That’s quite a different question to what the majority of the world tries to do. Fortunately, or unfortunately, gaining weight is the problem we have as opposed to actually trying to lose weight. You’ll hear things like “you’re lucky you’re skinny.” And what do we automatically think in response? “You’re lucky […]

Ultimate 30 Minute Circuit Training Workout (Continued)

circuit training

If you haven’t read part one, you have to read it before continuing on with this article: ==> Ultimate 30 Minute Circuit Training Workout: Part 1 Before we continue I’d like to add that the secret isn’t really the type of exercises you do, but how you combine all of them together and use the […]

Ultimate 30 Minute Circuit Training Workout

circuit training

Today, it seems that the majority of the population is taking health and fitness more seriously than ever before. People are hitting the gym on a daily basis finding an hour or two to work out. Now, if you’re looking to spend that time to simply have alone time or vent, then it’s a good […]

7 Ways Porn Addiction is Ruining Your Life

porn addiction

Porn is one of the biggest moneymaking industries in the world, and for good reason. Sex is one of the most powerful manipulators of the mind and has caused millions of people to become addicted. But Is porn good or bad? I’m neutral on the topic. However, I will take a stand on porn addiction […]

Why You Should Stop Masturbating

stop masturbating

Masturbating seems to be one of the biggest addictions men fight against. Is masturbating bad? Speaking from a logical and objective point of view, it isn’t. Of course religious people are going to disagree with me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they masturbate and put on a facade. Here’s the issue. It’s when men […]

Is Slow-Carb Diet Effective? Secrets You’ll Want to Know


The slow-carb diet was popularized by Timothy Ferris in his book The 4-Hour Body. After reading the book thoroughly I was convinced to try the diet myself as well as pass it on to other people. There was no way to fail with this diet, but just how quick and effective was this diet really? […]

Enzyte: Don’t Get Scammed!


Male Enhancement Warning: We tried them all. Here’s the best one we found.. >> See It Now A common scam among makers of Male Enhancement products is to offer a free sample while unwittingly signing their customers up for a subscription to the supplement. These companies automatically ship new product and bill the customer’s credit […]

7 Healthy Foods to Increase Libido and Keep You Thin


A lot of websites will give you a list of things that will increase your libido. Each site giving you different opinions on which foods work and which foods won’t. You’d find one site that tells you “eat Oysters” and then the next site you take a look at will tell you “Oysters are one […]