Cardio Exercises for Serious Weight Loss


We all know that cardiovascular exercises burn calories. Cardio gets your heart rate pumping – which has a multitude of other health benefits. Arguably, this form of exercise is one of the best things that you can do to improve longevity and overall health. But which types of cardiovascular exercises give you the best bang […]

Secret To Six Pack Abs


“How to get that six pack abs?” by Mason Cromwell, Jr. Getting a toned and muscular stomach isn’t just about pumping iron at the gym. While exercise is naturally an important component to strength and muscle, it must be done in combination with proper diet and overall fat loss. The three most important components of […]

Which Protein Supplement Is Right For You?


“Which Protein Supplement Is Right For You?” If you are heavy into body building or weight training, you probably already know of the importance of protein. Not only does protein keep the body’s blood PH level stead, it repairs and maintains muscle tissue. When you are lifting weights, your muscles endure more strain and damage, […]

5 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Production


There are many ways to naturally increase testosterone production. Let me introduce to you five of the most effective methods. 1.      High Intensity Work Outs This one is incredibly simple. Work out hard and fast for shorter bursts and you will naturally boost your body’s testosterone production, keeping it at peak levels. 2.      […]

An Easy Way To Eat Healthy, Live Longer


Cleansing your diet is one of the hardest things for a man to do. Let’s face it… we are creatures of habit. We know what we like and how we like it. But altering the food we eat might be the most important step towards becoming healthier. And that’s why it’s not a bad idea […]