Top Lists: 10 Cringiest Neckbeard Videos


Neckbeards doing their neckbeard thing. Nothing else to preface this with. Just bask in the glow. 1. Vegan Vaginaman Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster I’m over 18 and a strict vegan, otherwise I would have had to miss out on this erotic masterpiece.  2. Waifu This video confirms the long-held suspicion that even serial killers […]

5 Dangerous Youtube Challenges Every Dad Needs to Know


The world is in trouble.  Serious trouble. “Why,” you ask? Has Putin finally pushed that big red button on the underside of his desk?  Has ebola taken root in other countries, spreading virulently throughout the world population? Has Israel turned their formidable nuclear capabilities outward? Have  mutant ichthyoid creatures from the Marianas trench risen to […]

The Pic Dump That Got Us Through Monday


We would have offed ourselves if not for these pics.  

The Hands-Down Sexiest World Cup Girls


The Definitive Guide To The Hottest Chicks at the World Cup Ahhh, the World Cup. Every four years, this magical event brings us together to enjoy some drama, excitement and — perhaps most of all — beautiful women. There’s simply something extremely attractive about these exotic, passionate women, some wearing outlandish uniforms, some with simple flags […]

Top Lists: 13 God Tier Photoshoppers


Ahhhh, photoshop. Making men look buffer and warp walls since the early 2000s. What a wonderful world we live in.                    More Ask Men Answers Top Lists

Top 10 List: The Dumbest Feminists


Feminism. It’s not a new term, but in the last year, it’s exploded into a fiery blaze of misunderstood philosophy, bickering and general stupidity. Feminism itself is a nebulous term — what makes a feminist? What makes an anti-feminist? It’s a blurry line, further blurred by idiots on both sides. I’m all for feminism — […]

The 6 creepiest sex dolls(You won’t believe #6 is real).


Sex Dolls come in all shapes and sizes, from the uber-realistic, to the cartoonishly outlandish. But they all have one thing in common: they’re boundlessly weird. Here’s 5 home-made versions(including one that actually was produced and sold online for a short while) that run the gamut of creativity and creepiness. 1. The Severed Headgina Just […]

The 10 Hottest Teachers That Had Sex With Their Students


Ten Sexy Teachers That Can Put Me In Detention Any Time. These are the kind of sizzling babes that Van Halen wrote about when they were wailing away in the 80s. Ready to get hot for teacher? Read on. 1. Amy McElhenny Amy McElhenney was indicted back in 2006 in Denton County, Texas, for having […]

Top 5: Celebrity Sex Tapes (#4 will make you pop)


1. Paris Hilton Every male of pubescent age in the early 00s is sure to know this one. Also known by the supremely clever moniker “1 Night In Paris” (get it?), this relic of the Camcorder Age is truly a wonderful sight to behold for anyone looking for a dose of nostalgia. Although Ms. Hilton’s […]

Top 10 Funniest Wasted Gifs


Wasted GIFs have been cracking us up all day here at the Ask Men Answers offices. If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto (III and on), you’ll recognize these GIFs. If you haven’t well, then you’ll have no idea. Whenever you die in GTA, the screen turns black and white, then red, with the words […]