The 10 Most Beautiful Neckbeards on the Internet


Neckbeards. They’re gorgeous. Whether they’re defending athiesm, fapping, watching animus, fapping, thinking about chivalry, fapping and fapping, they always find a way to look their absolute best. Because everyone knows the best way to attract a wonderful girl that’s worth your time is by white-knighting, wearing fedoras, eating Taco Bell and having the beardiest neck […]

5 Reasons Why Porn Sucks

porn key

The Top 5 Worst Things About Modern Porn Porn is fantastic for so, so many reasons. But there’s also a billion horrible things about porno too. As technology has improved, so has production value. A lot of the higher-echelon porn companies like Brazzers and BangBros have turned the porn industry into Hollywood Jr., staging ever […]

The Top 5 Weirdest Deaths During Sex

body bag

Sex Ain’t Always A Walk In The Park Of all the ways to die, having sex has to be amongst the best ways to do it. In a lot of ways, it’s like proverbial “going out with guns blazing”. In most cases, your gun is literally blazing. Expiring and ejaculating isn’t a very common thing, […]

The Greatest Yoga Pants Pics Of All Time


Yoga pants are the fucking greatest. You know it, I know it…everyone knows it. They can make even a Droopy Dog ass look like two perfect melons in a spandex package. They are truly God’s gift to man. Where would we be without them? There’s a weird allure to yoga pants. Obviously, it leaves little […]

The Five Most Overrated Women


These Girls Are Not as Hot As You Think There’s a lot of celebrity worship out there, especially when it comes to women. For some strange reason, women who are famous get a lot of love, even if they’re not that hot. Here’s five women who aren’t nearly as hot as they’re made out to […]

List: Top 5 Sexiest SFW GIFs of the Month

Anna Kendrick Cat

April Favorites: Sexy SFW GIFs 5. Oh Look. Anna Kendrick is a sexy kitten: 4. Dance! Too much booty in the pants! 3. If you have mad editing skills, even YOU can make Kim Kardashian look AMAZING for five seconds. 4. Kate Upton: Quite the rack. 1. I have absolutely no idea who this hottie […]