MaxGenics Review – Did MaxGenics Work For Me?


I never thought I’d be one to try one of those ‘Testosterone Booster’ supplements, but recently a friend who’s been trying to avoid testosterone replacement therapy gave me a sample of a new supplement called MaxGenics Testosterone Booster, so I decided to try it out. MaxGenics Testosterone Booster Review    I’ll tell you about some of my […]

MaxGenics Reviews

MaxGenics manufactures all-natural performance enhancement supplements for men. Their product offerings cover male needs from the gym to the bedroom. MaxGenics is an American company based in Los Angeles, California. All of their supplements are third-party tested and exceed cGMP guidelines. We’ve been reviewing MaxGenics products for quite some time now. Here is a guide […]

MaxGenics VIDUR Review


MaxGenics VIDUR Review Male enhancement supplements are one of the most widely-available supplements out there – there are literally thousands of products available for men looking to enhance their abilities in the bedroom. We just received a new product called MaxGenics VIDUR last week, which claims to give you all the juice you need in […]

MaxGenics Growth Fuel Review

Growth Fuel by MaxGenics is a natural, steroid-free muscle growth supplement that claims to help your body gain lean muscle and increase athletic performance while decreasing body fat. In theory, getting bigger and more ‘ripped’ isn’t that complicated. By optimizing your body’s levels of a few key hormones, your body can’t help but pack on muscle […]

Maxgenics Ultra Burn Review – Read Before You Buy

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Let’s just say Ultra Burn is not the first fat burner pill I’ve tried. Name it and I’ve probably tried it, from Ripped Fuel to Xenadrine to Hydroxycut and Lipo 6, and that’s just naming a few. I thought these products were decent, they helped a little bit, but I still wasn’t quite happy with […]

MaxGenics Alpha Fuel Review


Review: The MaxGenics Alpha Fuel pre-workout Too many pre-workout supplements make me feel horrible. I like getting that extra push to make me work harder, though, so I take them. I hate taking pills before a workout so I always get a powder. I have a sensitive stomach so I need a supplement that doesn’t […]