Pro-Plus Review: Does Pro-Plus Work?


  Pro-Plus is the sexual enhancement product from the manufacturing company Avid Pro Medical. Its use is for penis enlargement, and the benefits are stated by the company to be up to 3 inches or 4 inches length with a rock hard erection. Other benefits include stronger more intense sexual orgasms, elimination of premature ejaculation, […]

Steel Libido Review: Does Steel Libido Work?


Steel Libido is the male enhancement supplement manufactured by the company Irwin Naturals. The manufacturer also has other well-known products on the market addressing sexual enhancement. This supplement is marketed as being the first enhancement supplement for addressing male sex drive issues and erectile dysfunction. Consumers can also find Steel Libido in many online stores […]

Thunder Hard Review: Does Thunder Hard Work?


Thunder Hard is the popular enhancement supplement from an unknown manufacturer that states benefits of massive semen loads and climax boosts through use. It boosts the penis blood flow, increases erection hardness and improves overall sexual performance. The unknown manufacturer states their product to be scientifically formulated and have successfully undergone medical testing for its […]

Triverex Review: Does Triverex Work?


  Overview: Triverex is the male sexual enhancement supplement stated to provide size and performance enhancement, while reducing sexual dysfunction symptoms. The supplement was developed by Dr. Mark Moyad, M.D, who is a top expert in natural medicine. This supplement works through a process of targeting three more common male sexuality levels. Ingredients in Triverex […]

Vimax Review: Does Vimax Work?


Vimax is a 100% herbal supplement for male enhancement that’s doctor approved and said to do provide several benefits including increasing the length of the penis as many other supplements claim to do. Although it’s not believable that a pill could add length to the penis, Vimax must be doing something unbelievable because they have […]

PHGH Review – We Tried Them All. Does PHGH Work?

PHGH Product 3

by Mason Cromwell Jr. PHGH is the creation of an adult film star – John Lawrence.  John created this product after he used many other enhancement pills with little to no success. Does his product PHGH work? Here at AskMenAnswers we evaluate a lot of different male enhancement products and out of all of them, PHGH […]