Considering Penis Piercing

Considering Penis Piercing

There are several things to consider if you are planning to pierce your penis or genitalia. Are you doing it for aesthetic reasons (looks) or for sex reasons? If it’s for aesthetic reasons, have you consulted a doctor to have your head examined? I’m just kidding. But no, seriously, you are a crazy person. If it’s for sex reasons, you might want to get to the root of your sexual inadequacy before you resort to attaching pieces of metal to your penis. But if you don’t have any sexual issues and are really just looking for that secret weapon to take your lovemaking to the next level, here is some basic stuff you need to know about penis piercing.

It takes a while to heal. Like weeks or months. You’ll have to make sure you keep the wound clean so it doesn’t get infected. This means you probably can’t or at least shouldn’t have sex until it has completely healed.

It’s gonna hurt like hell. I guess you already thought about this one. It might even be why you want to do this. Either way, get ready for things to get real.

There are different types of penis piercings. Just like there’s more than one way to pierce your ears, there’s more than one way to stab needles through your genitals and put metal in the wounds.

The Prince Albert involves a barbell through the urethra and out the bottom of the head of the penis.

The Reverse Prince Albert is when the barbell goes through the urethra and out the top of the head of the penis.

The Dydoe is a piercing of the ridge of the glans on the head of the penis.

The Apadravya is a vertical piercing through the entire glans of the penis.

The Ampallang is another piercing of the glans but unlike the Apadravya, it is a horizontal piercing.

A Frenum piercing is when the underside of the shaft is pierced. A variation of the frenum is the frenum ladder, when there are several piercings along the underside of the shaft.

Some men decide to pierce their foreskins or scrotums. The Hafada and Lorum are two different types of scrotal piercings. The Hafada is a surface skin piercing located anywhere on the scrotum. The Lorum is essentially a frenum piercing, but at the base of the penis where it meets the scrotum.

If the scrotum piercing passes all the way through, either side to side or front to back, this is known as a transcendental piercing. Probably because the pain you experience is so intense, you can simultaneously comprehend your place within all of space and time.

Genital piercing is not something I would recommend, especially if you do not already have extensive experience with body piercing or body modification. There can be complications which could cause your little enhancement strategy to completely backfire and make your sex life much worse. If you get an infection or it gets snagged on something (like her dental work), you could end up paying a visit to the hospital.


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