Don’t Be That Guy: How to Keep Your Office Annoyance-Free

Another long day at the office? Relax, you’re home now. Pour yourself a drink and hang out for a second.

A lot of men don’t like their jobs. Big surprise, right? I know. The question here is why. It turns out that most men who hate their jobs don’t have a problem with the work itself. It’s usually the people they have deal with on a day to day basis that’s the real culprit.

Wanna make sure you’re not the reason one of your colleagues dreads waking up in the morning? All you have to do is make sure you’re not one of these guys.

The Self-Promoter

My dad used to work for as an engineer for an aerospace company, and I remember him coming home from and complaining about a new guy they had there who boasted about his accomplishments. One of those young “hot shots.” My dad would always say “you’d think he invented the space shuttle.”

Don’t be this guy. Even if you’re great at your job, even if you’re saving the company millions, everybody hates this guy. When you’re talking about how good you are at your job, all anyone else is going to hear is, “I’m better at my job than YOU ARE.”

The Credit Thief

You’ve known this guy since grade school, and you’ll keep running into him your whole life. If you never have, be careful because he might be you.

The kid who took credit for one of your answers in class, or your lab partner who got an A when you got a B even though you did all the work? Well, you’re going to encounter this at work too. And it will be even worse because actual money is on the line. Raises, promotions, bonuses. Don’t be that guy. He’s terrible.

The Fridge Raider

Smaller scale, maybe, but just as annoying. There are honest mistakes. Maybe someone drank your soda because they thought it was theirs. It happens.

What I’m talking about is the snake food kleptomaniac that steals chips and drinks and desserts every single day. This is probably the easiest guy to avoid being. If it isn’t yours, leave it alone!

The Megaphone

Workplaces are often fairly quiet places. You can hear phones ringing, keyboards clicking and idle chatter… but it’s all pretty ambient. Just background noise you get used to after a little while. Something that you don’t get used to?

Punctuated bursts of loud, noise in an otherwise tranquil environment. For the same reason it’s aggravating when your roof is under construction, it’s endlessly frustrating to suddenly hear a coworker’s LOUD personal call when you’re in the middle of something. Please, please, please… don’t be that guy.

I’d like to believe that none of these gentlemen is you. I hope for your coworkers’ sakes that you go to work and behave like a normal, civilized person.

And, hey, got any other office annoyances I didn’t cover? Leave a comment!


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