Excitol Review: Does Excitol Work?


Men who are searching for a way to improve the quality of their sex life, not only by increasing their libido, but by attaining firmer and harder erections as well, might take interest in Excitol. This male enhancement supplement utilizes a number of natural ingredients, including Horny Goat Weed and Maca, to help deliver sexually stimulating results. The manufacturers are clear in that they do not use Yohimbe within their product because of research done by the American Cancer Society which argues that it could be a potentially dangerous additive that many other male supplements on the market include in their ingredients. Users of this product are encouraged to take two pills prior to any type of sexual encounter, and some claim that the effects can actually last a full 24 hours.

The official website of this product houses plenty of information for interested users, including a handy comparison chart against similar products on the market, a thorough explanation of how the ingredientswork and a frequently asked questions section. The website is missing information as to whether or not any clinical studies have been done on this particular pill, even though they did do their homework when it came to addressing the reasons why Yohimbe is not in their product.

Cost of Excitol

Purchasing Excitol can be done through the manufacturer’s website, which ships discretely and promises a secure checkout. For a single bottle of Excitol interested users will pay $39.95, and for those who are looking to save and buy in bulk, the buy two get one free special will cost just $79. There are no free samples of the product made available and there is no mention of any type of money back or satisfaction guarantee associated with this product. It is important to note that this product is only available for shipping within the United States.

What Reviewers Have to Say About Excitol

There are a number of positive reviews that can be found for Excitol online. Many users not only notice that results are quickly delivered, libido and orgasms are improved and that they can even last longer while taking this pill. Several reviewers mention that they didn’t notice any side effects with this supplement, even though similar ones of the market did cause negative effects. There are a few reviews from individuals who claim that they did not see any sexual health improvement while taking this supplement.

Pros of Excitol

• Takes just a half hour to start working

• All-natural male supplement

• In-depth information on main ingredients of the supplement

Cons of Excitol

• No clinical studies shared

• No money back or satisfaction guarantee mentioned

• No shipping outside of the USA

Final Thoughts

While Excitol seems to deliver on its promise of improving male sexual health and the sex life of couples, the lack of clinical studies performed on this pill leaves many wondering if it is truly as safe and can actually help men improve their sex life. Without clinical trials it cannot officially be recommended for use.

Learn more about Excitol at their website.


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