Four Types Of Bars And Which One Is Right For You

Ah, the bar… I’m hard pressed to think of a preferred hang-out spot, especially for us men. Whether you’re stopping by after a rough day of work, hanging out with your friends or on the hunt for you-know-what there’s nothing better than having someone pour you a nice cold, drink. Come on in, relax a bit.

Oh, but hold on! We have to figure out what where you’re going. There are as many different kinds of bars as there are kinds of beers, and a legendary night in one kind could be a miserable night in another. So let’s take a look at the most popular “pub variations” and see what suits you best.

Sports Bar – Hot wings, beer and the Lakers game. This is the ultimate bar for a real “guy’s night out.” Even if you’re not a sports nut, there’s no more social watering hole. They’re really easy to find, too. Most sports bars are big name franchises, like Buffalo Wild Wings so odds are you have one somewhere near you. The only real problem with sports bars is that women are pretty scarce outside of the wait staff, but that’s not the point. This is where you go when you want that one night free of women. So load up on appetizers and have a great time with the guys.

Dive Bar – These little hole-in-the-wall places have their appeal, but they’re not for everybody. Usually quiet with a jukebox in the corner, a lot of college-age customers and they have a tendency to serve only beer. And if you’re a smoker, this is the most likely type of bar to allow that indoors. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I consider dive bars a younger man’s game. It’s probably the perfect place to wear your old Def Leppard tour shirt, though.

Cocktail Lounge
– On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have the cocktail lounge. These are probably the most “romantic” of the bars on our list, as they’re usually found in hotel lobbies or airports… places lonely people tend to congregate and drink. Hope you like expertly made gin and tonics, or martinis. Some of the best drink mixers I’ve ever met have worked in these establishments. It’s the perfect place if you like mood lighting, soft piano music and dressing sharp.

Dance Bar
– The best place for women to vent, and the best place for men to meet women. Dance bars are a lot of fun… just make sure you work on your moves and try to watch your alcohol intake. You’re gonna be doing a lot of jumping up and down. I wouldn’t count on having any intimate conversations, either. The women here aren’t usually in the mood to talk, and even if they were the music is often deafeningly loud. It’s called a dance bar for a reason… you are there to dance.

There’s a lot more, of course, but this cover’s the basics. Depending on the kind of social scene you prefer you’re going to have a wildly different night out. My suggestion? Try them all! Mix and match. Just remember to drink responsibly and have a good time.



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