Get a Load of the Werewolf Diet

teenwolfThere is always a new diet trend emerging, and in this case the trend sounds odd based upon its name alone. The diet trend has been dubbed the werewolf diet, since it relies on the cycles of the moon to dictate your eating habits. (Not because it actually has anything to do with the mythical werewolves of course.

The diet is pretty strict, and asks that its participants do a liquid fast for 24 hours during the full and the new moons. That means no solid food, but things like juice and water are allowed during those periods. Allegedly if you stop eating at the right moment you can lose six pounds in 24 hours. There is an even stricter version of the diet that involves actual times and following the waxing and the waning of the moon. So…why is this trend happening?

Some people believe that since the moon has such a strong influence over the tides of the ocean, that it might also have a strong influence over the water that is inside our bodies. (Don’t forget that we have a lot of it.) What is more likely that what is occurring during any weight loss that takes place, is that there is water weight being loss from the lack of solid food being eaten. A large amount of the water we ingest actually comes from our food sources, so if you stop eating those foods you might take in less water. Liquids that we drink also tend to be less dense and heavy than the solid foods so it might just feel like we are lightening up when we ditch the solid food meals.

When we go into a fasting mode, we use the glycogen that is stored in our bodies as opposed to the calories from the foods that we are eating for fuel. Burning off glycogen also burns off quite a bit of water so that is another reason that we might be losing water weight during a fast even though we are drinking plenty of water. It takes much longer to burn off fat than water, so it is not likely that there is any permanent fat loss occurring during a quick 24-hour period of surviving off of a liquid diet.

People who go on a fast or a liquid diet should also take care to be reasonable when they pick up the solid food again. It will not make your fast worthwhile if you head to the next fast food restaurant you see and ingest all of the calories you saved over the past couple of days. In fact when you start eating solid food again you might start retaining more water due to any salt intake, which is why you might feel like the weight comes back on too fast.


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