MaxGenics Growth Fuel Review

Growth Fuel by MaxGenics is a natural, steroid-free muscle growth supplement that claims to help your body gain lean muscle and increase athletic performance while decreasing body fat.

In theory, getting bigger and more ‘ripped’ isn’t that complicated. By optimizing your body’s levels of a few key hormones, your body can’t help but pack on muscle while burning fat. Strangely enough, not many muscle-building products on the market seem to realize this approach.

The hormones you need to optimize include Growth HormoneTestosterone, Estrogen, Cortisol and Insulin. I’m not going to bore you with too much detail, but here’s a quick summary of how each of these can help you get bigger and more ripped:

  • Growth Hormone – increases the growth of new muscle tissue, speeds recovery and burns stubborn stomach fat
  • Testosterone – Increases muscle mass, energy, strength and recovery
  • Estrogen – Controlling estrogen levels decreases body fat while enhancing testosterone’s muscle-building effect
  • Insulin – The ‘key’ that allows protein to enter muscle cells for more growth
  • Cortisol – Controlling Cortisol levels makes you build muscle more quickly and recover faster

Now, pro bodybuilders have been injecting themselves with synthetic versions of these hormones for years. And the results speak for themselves – more muscle mass, ripped abs, massive strength gains, and more.

BUT – as you probably know, injecting this stuff can cause a TON of negative side-effects… problems like ‘man boobs’, ‘roid rage’, and even life-threatening issues like heart disease, kidney failure and strokes. …Not to mention that you have to keep injecting yourself for the rest of your life if you actually want to keep your gains – since this kind of approach literally shuts down your body’s ability to produce these hormones by itself.

Could there be a better way? Growth Fuel by MaxGenics claims to be the safe, natural alternative to this dangerous approach.

Instead of flooding your body with artificial hormones, Growth Fuel’s special formula is designed to help your body naturally alter these hormones to the levels for maximum muscle growth. Each ingredient has a proven clinical track record of optimizing these hormones, leading to increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, and better strength and performance. Growth Fuel by MaxGenics is designed to be taken twice per day, and men have been reporting positive effects within a few days, with even greater results as they continue to take the supplement.

Growth Fuel by MaxGenics can be purchased through the manufacturer’s secure website, and the shipping is fast and reliable. There is an unconditional, 90-day money-back guarantee for this product, so trying it is risk-free.

What’s in Growth Fuel?

Growth Fuel by MaxGenics has fourteen proven all-natural ingredients. They are as follows:








Beta Sitosterol





Ashwagandha Root


Most other muscle building supplements  on the market, such as Force Factor’s Factor 2, NO explode, and C4 Extreme, just have one or two ingredients, often in such low quantities that most guys don’t see any gains at all.

In contrast, Growth Fuel uses a cutting-edge approach that’s been shown to optimize and enhance each key aspect of your body’s muscle growth process by including significant amount of every ingredient that affect your body’s composition from the inside out.

What the positive reviewers are saying…

Thanks to this holistic approach, many men are experiencing serious results from Growth Fuel by MaxGenics, even after other supplements failed to deliver. Several top bodybuilders and strength athletes have used this supplement to push through plateaus and pack on lean gains that they haven’t seen in years. Average Joes — guys who struggle to gain muscle mass – are seeing serious growth while getting leaner and more chiseled.

What the Negative Reviews Say…

Growth Fuel is made in small batches, and each batch is tested for quality, purity and potency by both MaxGenics and a third-party lab. This process helps maintain strict quality standards, but it means that each batch is small and sells out quickly.

At the time of this writing, there is still some stock available, but there’s no guarantee that it will be around for long. This scarcity seems to be the big problem that many reviewers had.

What’s Our Take on Growth Fuel by MaxGenics?

Growth Fuel is formulated with fourteen clinically proven all-natural muscle growth optimizers. Instead of simply providing your body with nutrients with the intent that it’ll get you stronger, Growth Fuel takes a stronger approach than this “hit and hope” tactic.

There’s no question that it’s worth a try if you’re looking to build muscle AND cut fat at the same time, especially if other supplements haven’t helped you in the past.

Final Thought

Growth Fuel by MaxGenics seems to be a solid product backed by science and clinical studies. If you’re looking for a boost in muscle size, strength, and performance you could do much worse than try Growth Fuel.

Learn more about Growth Fuel on the MaxGenics website.


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