Guide To Having Sex In Public

Guide To Having Sex In Public

Sex in public is one of the top fantasies of women everywhere and if done right, can really add some spark to a relationship. But you can’t just drop your pants and start going at it anywhere. There are some places that are much better suited for public banging than others. How do you know when you’ve found the perfect spot? How can you be ready when the time comes? Here are some tips to getting your rocks off outside the bedroom.

Find a spot that’s at least somewhat secluded. You want to avoid areas where a lot of people will be passing through. If you’re going at it in a bathroom stall, you run the risk of other patrons hearing you. A couple was caught having sex in the bathroom of Yankees stadium and several fans surreptitiously took photos and video and leaked them online. So if you’re going to make the bathroom your quick little  private sex spot, be smart and at least lock the door.

Make sure there are no cameras around. This goes back to the tip above, but if you are getting it on in front of a any kind of camera, you’re in danger of a someone posting the video online. Or worse, being used as evidence in a court case.

Be quick. The faster you are, the less likely you are to be caught. Now’s not the time to practice your tantric techniques. You want to get in, get her going and fast as possible, and get out.

Be discreet. Most offenders are caught because they either wanted to be caught or they just didn’t care. While exhibitionism can be hot as hell, not everyone shares your same appreciation for the display of your sexual prowess. If you make even the slightest effort to conceal what you are doing, you are much more likely to have witnesses ignore you or at least be understanding. If you are blatantly acting out your porn star fantasies where old people and children can see, you run a far greater risk of offending onlookers.

Don’t do it near a school or a playground. Sex in public runs you the legal risks of indecent exposure and public lewdness. If you are charged with these crimes near a school or a place where children congregate, you could be prosecuted as a sex offender and have to go around telling all of your neighbors that you are guilty of sex crimes.

Don’t do it in a dangerous place. In 2008, a couple was found having sex on some train tracks. When the train approached, they were too wrapped up in passion to stop and were killed. You should also watch out for dangerous people. A couple in Baltimore was attacked by a masturbating man with a butterfly knife. Nothing like a crazy knife-wielding maniac to spoil the mood!

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