Pro Tip: Don’t Skip Leg Day. Ever.

Bawk-bawk, chicken legs.

Leg day is nobody’s favorite day of the week, regardless of what that annoying fitness freak pseudo-friend who says leg day is his favorite day of the weeks says. But those who avoid it suffer dire consequences, like these clowns.




At least this dude tried to hide it. The shadows and the posture…not bad. Still see those little bean stalks pokin’ out though.  Also, is that a mesh skirt? Not helping your case, amigo.



Part of me wants to let this fly, because hey, he’s clearly European. And your average Euro has no idea as to normalcy, or at least, what looks normal. Or maybe he’s blind. Let’s go with that. He’s clearly never touched a leg machine or a squat rack in his life, so that’s a good way of explaining that one away.





Man from the legs up, complete woman from the legs down. Props for stealing that crate from an elementary school cafeteria.  Congratulations. You win a legpress.




The shameless selfie. There’s a special circle in hell reserved for these asshats, and old pipe-cleaner shins’ll get VIP access to Satan’s butthole for this one.





The tribal tattoos. The Eurohawk. The trunks. The shoes. The cross I want to give this guy a pass too, for purely European purposes but this is unforgivable. He looks like a duck. Those untouched quads aren’t doing him any favors.





Hugh. Hugh! Hugggghhhhh. Come on, dude. What the hell? This guy was crazy jacked in both of the amazing Wolverine films. But for Christ’s sake, man jump in the squat rack for something other than curls. Magneto would snap those things in half.buff1 buff3 buff3


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