How To Build Your Own Sex Dungeon

A good sex dungeon can really take your BDSM game to the next level. They’re also great places to display your whips and chains. Unless you live in a castle, you probably don’t already have a dungeon. Many people have always wanted to role-play in one but never have the chance. If you don’t own one or know someone with one to invite you over to play, what are you supposed to do? The only solution would be to do it yourself and build your own. But how to start?

Find a good place for it. Your living room or spare bedrooms are not good places for a sex dungeon. You want to find a place that is not going to be easily found or uncovered by people coming over to visit. Some people try to make one in their garage and that’s just not a good idea either. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to explain your sex dungeon.

A hidden room is ideal. You could convert an extra bedroom or home office into a hidden room with a well-placed bookcase mounted on a hinge and casters.

But if you don’t have an extra room to convert, a basement would work very well. If you don’t have a basement, you could probably set one up in one of those portable sheds, but it might be more difficult to give it that authentic dungeon feel.

The key to finding a good location is finding one that is secure, not easily discovered, has good sound proofing, and could be made to look like a dungeon.

Depending on your fetishes, you may also find that you need a drain in the floor and walls that can be rinsed with a hose. Important to make those decisions before you start building.

How To Build Your Own Sex Dungeon

Get the right furniture. You will need chairs or tables with proper restraints. Look up medieval torture machines and consider making some of your own. Here is a good opportunity to get creative and design some things that will be specially suited to your needs.

Decorate it. You can find faux-stone wallpaper at home improvement stores that will give you a more authentic look. Or you could just paint the walls a dark color of paint. Build racks for your torture toys and display them prominently. Block out any windows and decide on a lighting system. You could use real candles, but the fire risk might not be worth it. Many stores sell very realistic battery-powered candles that will give you the same flickering ambiance.

You should make every effort to enhance the creepiness. Keep the temperature low, keep the room dark, and keep it clean and strictly “dungeon”. Don’t let it get stale and turn into that room you just put stuff in that you don’t have time to deal with it right now.

Soundproof it. The last thing you need is the neighbors calling the cops because they heard someone screaming while being spanked.


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  1. goddessdione says:

    I have a spare room which i hope to transform in to sissy room i would like some help on how i can make it look good and which furniture to go there.
    Thank you.
    Goddess Dionne

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