How To Talk Her Into Anal Sex

Anal Sex: Getting Her To Try It For The First Time

So you want to get nasty. But how do you tell her? How do you talk her into it? A lot of guys don’t know how to talk their girlfriend or wife into anal sex. It can be extremely painful for someone who has never done it before or if it is performed improperly, so, many first-timers decide that it’s not for them. Lots of women think it’s gross or makes them feel like a slut. But many women love it. What it takes is preparation, training, and attentiveness to your partner. Keep these things in mind, you should have a wonderful time.

  • Talk To Her Ahead Of Time – most men skip this step. They wait until they are in the heat of passion before trying to cram it in. This is a bad idea for multiple reasons. One, if the woman is not expecting it, it could make her recoil and completely lose her mood. Two, if she has never tried it before, there could be any number of things that she might be worried about and therefore unable to focus on the sensation as it is happening. And finally, if you are not properly lubed up, you could cause anal tearing, bleeding, or worse. So it is important to talk to her beforehand to make sure she is okay with it. If you don’t want to talk to her about it, start by touching her anus and see how she responds. If she responds favorably, insert a finger. If she likes it, insert another. And then another. After three, she might be ready for the real deal. But start slow.
  • Ask Her If She’s Tried It Or Ever Thought About It – She probably has. Ask her how it made her feel or if she had favorable thoughts about it. If she says she thinks it’s disgusting, ask her why. Suggest that for the first time you try it in the shower. This will allow you both to get clean and if there are any messes, you can deal with them easily. Also, it is recommended that you use a condom while attempting it, so if you want to go back to vaginal intercourse, you can easily remove the condom without having to wash first. Switching between anal and vaginal intercourse without washing or changing condoms can cause urinary tract infections. Also, small tearing that can occur during anal raises the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis.
  • Make Sure She Knows That She Is In Control – you want to convince her that you are not going to hurt her and if you do happen to hurt her by accident, she can stop the whole thing at any time. While you are performing anal, you always want to be in touch with how your partner is feeling and whether they are enjoying themselves or are actually in pain.
  • Don’t Pretend You’re A Pornstar – there are many reasons why you should not try to emulate porn stars, but you especially do not want to do this during anal with an inexperienced partner. Porn stars are used to having it rough and have done the training and preparation ahead of time (you never see this part on camera), and if you try to just bang away on her like one of your heroes you could end up seriously injuring her and your relationship.

Anal sex is not for everyone, but for some it is a very integral and enjoyable part of sex. Remember to pay attention to her wants and needs and how she is feeling at all times. It may take some convincing, but the more up front and better prepared you are, the less of a pain in the butt the whole thing will be for both of you.


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