Jenasol Review: Does Jenasol Work?


Jenasol is the name of the company that manufactures different health brand supplements for both men and women. Their biggest line is a range of health supplements that specifically target sexual performance issues in both sexes. Their largest moving product Is called the ’30 Minute Miracle’.

The ’30 Minute Miracle’, according to its information, helps delay onset of ejaculation between fifteen and sixty minutes. This is contrary to its given name, as the delay is supposedly able to provide greater pleasure for the partners in the sexual act.

Most of the information provided is accessible through its website. The site information includes not only the manufacturer’s information but also testimonials from satisfied customers and doctor advice. There is no clinical study or testing done though to determine the efficacy and effect of the supplement on the individual.

According to the website, one of the biggest issues is premature ejaculation, as one in every three men supposedly suffers from this condition.


The website provides the full ingredient list for the ’30 Minute Miracle’ and upon examination, most of the ingredients help the body relax and relieve anxiety. The ingredients may have an effect of delaying orgasm and ejaculation, especially premature ejaculation. These ingredients are Chamomile and Valerian, both known for their calming effects as well as Motherwort Leaf Powder, Inosital, Celery Seed and 5-HTP. The formulation is detailed but no advisory as to these compounds effects on the individual.


The site recommends that the supplement be taken once a day for optimal results.


One of the good qualities of Jenasol is that it is affordable, about US$24.95 per one month’s supply. The website provides both the ingredients list as well as customer testimonials. There are special offers and discounts given when purchases are made through its secure site. Finally, the manufacturer Jenasol is a reputable and respected company.


What is disappointing about the product is the lack of scientific research conducted as well as adequate explanation as to each of the effects that the ingredients have on the individual. This is also a problem specific product as it only addresses issues of premature ejaculation and not other male enhancement issues. While the manufacturer is identified, no company contact information provided as well as the absence of a money back guarantee for the products sold.

Jenasol has a good formulation to address issues of premature ejaculation. The main problem is that being specific it leads no other deliverable enhancements for the user.


Premature ejaculation is both an embarrassing and problematic issue for males. Thus, the drive to find for a supplement to help avoid its disastrous effects is quite high. What ’30 Minute Miracle’ provides is a relaxation supplement to prevent the orgasm from occurring at the inopportune time. Being specific necessarily affects other aspects of male enhancement and this product may be able to help one suffering from premature ejaculation.