Magnum FX Review: Does Magnum FX Work?

Magnum FX

Erectly dysfunction can be a bummer and can also take a toll on a man’s life and confidence. Some solutions have been pout in the market to make it easier for them to perform. Magnum FX is one of the many solutions and is designed by Phoenicis Research Labs. This is a topical cream that is applied to the penis to stimulate sexual activity. This cream stimulates the flow of blood to the penis hardening it. It is used a few moments before sexual intercourse. The massage is done directly done on the male organ unlike many other supplements which are taken orally.


The most troubling thing about this product is that the ingredients are unknown. It could also be due to the fact that the lab cannot be traced online. The product however has its own website hat dopes not highlight its ingredients.

How much is it?
The bottle goes for about %60 dollars inclusive of handling and shipping.

Here is an impressive one year back guarantee by Phoenicis labs which is a really attractive offer.

Testimonials and reviews
This product has no testimonials or reviews. The website claims that it can increase penile size which is a really controversial field. The truth of the matter is that penile size cannot be really increased by gels a fact that scientists have proven. The erectile functionality is however also not proved as no testimonials have been recorded yet the product continues to be used in the market.

Should I get it?
If you want the cream for increasing your penile size, you are in for a rude shock and that might be the easiest $60 you will have lost. This is impossible. The effectiveness of the cream still remains unknown which is quite disturbing. Nobody knows for sure about the cream.



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