Male Formula XL Review: Does Male Formula XL Work?




According to its ad, Male Formula XL is the “scientific answer to small men everywhere.” The product promises to provide the user more powerful erections, increased girth and improved stamina. Aside from the thousands of satisfied customers it has claimed to have benefited from the product in the past five years, Male Formula XL also claims to be recommended by thousands of doctors.

It must be noted that this product is very similar to another product, Mojoblast and there is even a mention of Mojoblast in the Male Formula XL website.


There is no listing as to the ingredients that make up Male Formula XL. What the site provides though wherein which the product is able to achieve its promise to the individual male user. The makers claim that the product has specific ingredients that target the Corpus Cavernosa or the cylindrical chambers inside the penis to enlarge and be engorged by an increased volume of blood. The increased blood flow is what makes an erection stronger, harder and bigger for an individual male. As the chambers increase in size over time, the makers claim that alongside would be the increase in the size of the penis leading to permanent growth in length and girth for the individual.


Like the product information, there is nothing online nor on the product that provide an advisory as the frequency of the usage of the product. It is presumed that this supplement is to be taken once a day.


There are no pros to be mentioned here. While it claims to be doctor recommended and satisfaction guaranteed, there is no supporting evidence to this end. Even assuming it is doctor recommended, there is no ingredients list to help an individual make the proper and informed choice.


There are a lot of issues with this product. There is no listing of ingredients as well as directions for use. The site provides no contact information for customers. While it gives away a free trial product, in the end it is but a ruse to hook individuals into purchasing the product online.


The lack of basic information on formulation, safety and manufacturer contact makes this a very dangerous product in the market. Not only can there be issues as to its effectiveness, the lack of proper information may lead others to use this product improperly and eventually affect both the short term and long term health of the individual user.