What do male enhancment Pills Do?

Here's the kicker.. Male Enhancement pills DO NOT make your penis permanentely bigger. What they really do is give you harder erections, a higher sex drive and an increased desire for sex. Think of it as what coffee does when you are tired - it gives you a boost that makes you more motivated to get things done. Male enhancment is like a boost to your sex drive. They make you want sex more, get arroused more easily and causes more blood to flow into your erections which lead to bigger erections that last longer.

Do all male enhancement pills work?

No! Its sad but a lot of male enhancment pills are put out by marketing companies as a type of product that causes the penis to get bigger. If they say this, chances are that product is not designed by experienced useres, but my marketers and will not do anything for you. True male enhancement works by increasing bloodflow to the penis which gets you more arroused during sex and gives you harder erections. There is no permanent gains to your penis and if a company says that, it is most liekly a scam.. Sorry.

I already have GREAT erections.. will these pills do anything for me?

If you don't enjoy sex as much as you used too, definitely give these a try. Take them a few hours before sexual activity and see what happens.

I've tried this once before with little results.. Am I sucker or should I try another?

Like I said, there's a lot of pills that just plain don't work. Give it another try with a good formula. If you get REAL results, you'll know why these things are so popular.

I've never tried a male enhancement pill before, what should my concerns be?

Just make sure you're buying from a trusted company with reports of results.  Avoid over the top marketing claims about size and try to go for the brands with real customer testimonials. As far as side effects, most men don't need to worry about this.  However, if you have a history of being sensitive to certain foods, or supplements, it would be safe to ask your doctor before taking male enhancement or any other supplement.

How do I know the ingredients in Male Enhancement are safe?

Most of the ingredients in male many male enhancement pills can be found naturally in foods that you eat every day.  In fact even the scientific sounding ingredients such as Arginine and DHEA naturally occurs in water melons and yams.

The other popular ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba, Epiderminum, Tribulus ect. are herbs that men have been taking for centuries.  The only exception to this is Yohimbe (more below)  But for the most part, the ingredients in male enhancement are very safe..  But the company making the product may not use the best quality of these ingredients.  Be sure to read reviews and buy a trusted brand as some of these companies have been reported to use ingredients that do not meet the FDA standards of allowed toxicity such as heavy metals and contaminates  

But I heard Yohimbe is dangerous. Is this true?

Yes there are dangerous side effects associated with Yohimbe and just to be safe I personally don't want to take those risk and thus I don't take this herb.  Do I recommend you do? That's up to you.  Make sure you do the research about what Yohimbe does and who it effects before trying it because I've heard some bad stuff about it and if you add it to your daily routine, these effects will gradually come in to your life where you may not know the exact cause.

I heard L Arginine can cause an outbreak of herpes.  Is that true?

If you have herpes and get herpes out breaks where you develop visible cold sores, I would avoid Arginine. But if you have never had a herpes outbreak or don't have herpes, you have nothing to worry about. Arginine is a natural substance and can be found in Watermelons. In fact, eating 4 cups of melon can give you more arginine than most male enhancement supplements contain. This is a completely safe compound and one of the bodies most essential amino acids.

Can Male Enhancement Pills Really Make You Bigger?

This is the question that everyone wants to know. Now, there are many pills out there that claim to make your penis grow. Physically, it is impossible to "grow" your penis, however, as far as erection size goes, it is possible to get bigger erections. Here's how. A size of a man's erection is based on blood flow and has very little to do with flaccid size. So that means, the more blood flow, the harder your erections can get and also the "bigger" your erection can get. So to answer the question about size, it is true, you can increase the size of your erections by increasing the blood flow to your erection. Bigger erections are possible, but not permanent size increase.

How Much Bigger Can Male Enhancement Make You?

This depends on everyone.  If you are not getting good circulation to your erection and the quality of your erections isn't there, there's a lot more potential for growth than someone who is already getting great erections.. But even if you are getting really good erections, there is usually always some room for improvment.

I heard of an herbal pill giving a man an erection for 3 days.  Could this happen to me?

There was a real court case about a man in his 40's who got in an erection that lasted 3 days.  This is a condition called Priapism and it is quite rare.  The man in the court case may have had a condition where the pills did not agree with him.

I noticed there is a vast difference in price between male enhancement pills.  Are some priced more because they work better?
In my opinion certain companies price there pills higher because they know people associate results with price.. such as "if it cost $10 per pill, it has to work".   I will be the first to tell you that the ones you get by the bottle are just as good if not better than the ones that cost upwards of $10 per pill.  When you buy your pills, go for the ones that work. Not the ones that cost like they "have to work".

Is it possible to be too old to get an erection?

No.  Many men think they have no hope of achieve a good erection again once they are 80.  This is simply not true.  I personally know of 2 men in their 80's who have amazing sex lives.  They are all about herbal supplements. Don't let age discourage you.  There's always a solution.

Should I be embarrassed about taking male enhancement?

I'll be the first to admit,  when I first heard of male enhancement, I wanted nothing to do with these types of products.  I thought they were for "suckers" who were dumb enough to believe a pill can give them a bigger you know what.  After a friend turned me on to them, my opinion about them completely changed. I no longer see these things as something for suckers, but as a real solution for a better sex life. And.. I don't mind telling anyone about it.   If you are conserned about trying these, I'd say just go for it.  Once you try it you'll probably be wondering why you didn't try these things years ago.

What Male Enhancement Pill Should I Use?

The one I take and recommend everyone else trys is PHGH Rx. The reason I recommend this is because, I've tried quite a few pills and to be honest, many do not give the results they say. PHGH Rx is one of the few that I recommend

If you are older and just looking for a solution to help you get it up better, or even if you are younger and only wnat more intense sex, this is the pill I recommend

You can get it online at their website at PHGHRx.com

Give it a try, as far as male enhancment pills go, this is the one that you should try first.

Once you do, send me an email and let me know how it works for ya. I've


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