MaxGenics Reviews

MaxGenics manufactures all-natural performance enhancement supplements for men. Their product offerings cover male needs from the gym to the bedroom. MaxGenics is an American company based in Los Angeles, California. All of their supplements are third-party tested and exceed cGMP guidelines.

We’ve been reviewing MaxGenics products for quite some time now. Here is a guide to all of our reviews of MaxGenics Products:

MaxGenics Testosterone Booster: MaxGenics Testosterone Booster is an all-natural male sexual performance enhancer. It boosts testosterone production with natural ingredients including Tongkat Ali. This is one of the leading libido and sexual performance enhancers on the market today.

MaxGenics Alpha Fuel: Alpha Fuel is a potent pre-workout. It gives you a huge burst of energy so you can increase your reps but is all natural and mild enough so that you don’t get the jitters, you don’t crash and you can still fall asleep at night.

MaxGenics Growth FuelGrowth Fuel is a hormone enhancing muscle builder. It’s a unique blend of supplements to optimize your workout by boosting testosterone and HGH, delivering pre-workout nutrients and decreasing your levels of female hormones including estrogen. The Growth Fuel stack is designed to be unique, so it’s truly in a class of its own. Caution: it does contain DHEA, so it is banned in Canada and Professional Sports. 

MaxGenics Ultra Burn: Ultra Burn is a natural and effective weight loss supplement. It contains potent ingredients including bitter orange. So college athletes beware, bitter orange is an NCAA banned substance.

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