MaxGenics VIDUR Review

MaxGenics VIDUR Review

Male enhancement supplements are one of the most widely-available supplements out there – there are literally thousands of products available for men looking to enhance their abilities in the bedroom.

We just received a new product called MaxGenics VIDUR last week, which claims to give you all the juice you need in the bedroom, whenever you need it — through all-natural means.

Intrigued, I decided to try MaxGenics VIDUR out and see what – if anything – happened.

What is MaxGenics VIDUR?

MaxGenics VIDUR is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that is taken 30 minutes before sex. It claims to increase blood flow and energy, supercharge your libido and increase your sex drive, and provide you with long-lasting, hard erections.

It’s a pre-sex supplement that you take before you have sex, so that you can be sure that you’ll be able to hit your peak performance levels.

What’s In MaxGenics VIDUR?

The product is made up of a proprietary blend that combines a bunch of all-natural ingredients designed to give you energy, stamina, sex drive and erections.

The ingredients are: eurycoma longfolia, panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, L-citrulline, muira puama, L-dopa, and L-theanine.

All of these ingredients are sourced naturally from plant sources.

These ingredients all act concurrently to do a few things. First, many of them are vasodilators, which opens up your capillaries and vessels to allow maximum blood flow throughout the body. Second, ingredients like L-citrulline and L-theanine act as nitric oxide producers and absorbers, which gives your body quick and sustained energy for intercourse. Finally, many of these – like eurycoma longfolia and muira puama, are ancient tribal aphrodisiacs.

The blend of ingredients are supposed to alleviate all of the problems that one could face in the bedroom.

The suggested regimen for MaxGenics VIDUR is this: take 4 capsules of MaxGenics VIDUR before sex, and you’ll experience results about half an hour after ingestion.

It isn’t a supplement you take every day, but rather one you take only when you’re ready to have sex.


I’m always skeptical of stuff like this. I’ve tried dozens of natural male enhancement pills. Some worked, some didn’t.

To be completely honest, I definitely thought that MaxGenics VIDUR wouldn’t work, but to put it as simply as possible – it does.

MaxGenics VIDUR did exactly what it said it would. I took it a little while before sex and by the time we were ready to go, I was rockin’. My energy levels were soaring, I had strong and long-lasting erections, and I had the sex drive of a kid again. I was shocked at how effective MaxGenics VIDUR was at improving my all-around performance.

A lot of supplements only affect one area of sexual performance. For instance, there’s supplements that seek to boost sex drive, others that provide erections, and others that claim to increase stamina. This supplement, on the other hand, works on all of those fronts, which is just fantastic. I’ve never taken a supplement like this that improved every aspect of my performance.

One of the best things about  MaxGenics VIDUR is it’s all natural. I’m a pretty health-conscious guy, so I try not to consume any products that were synthesized in a lab or anything like that. Needless to say, I was pretty happy to hear that all of the ingredients in MaxGenics VIDUR are from plants.

Now, there were some downsides. This product isn’t for sustained testosterone boosts or anything like that. It’s not for long-term improvements, only for in-the-moment performance. So if you’re looking for comprehensive alterations of your testosterone or something like that, maybe look for an everyday supplement like MaxGenics Testosterone Booster.



  1. I am a fairly healthy man in my fifties. I play sports, workout at the gym and eat mostly healthy. I began noticing a drop off in my “abilities” and decided to take natural supplements to increase Testosterone levels and performance in the bedroom.

    I did my research on the internet and tried many different products. I won’t trash any of the products, I just figure that each formula works for a percentage of the people. None of the products I tried before worked very well, for me, including some of the most highly acclaimed products on TV and the internet.

    After all this “experience”, I was enough impressed by MaxGenics presentation, that I decided to try a few of their products. VIDUR is one of the products I ordered.

    I just received my order a little over a week ago, have only tried VIDUR twice but in both instances, I was impressed with the results I received. I felt “ready”, strong, and my enjoyment was better than what I had experienced in years.

    Obviously, I want to see those results continue over the long haul, but I am very impressed with my initial experience with VIDUR. I can recommend this product.

  2. I had given up all hope of ever finding a solution for my ED until I came across Vidur. I had two massive heart attacks and couldn’t take anything that would lower my blood pressure. my Doctor ok’d Vidur seeing it was all natural ingredients. Than you so much for finally giving me my life back, I am indebted to MaxGenics and will order their products with all confidence.

  3. I was so so glad that finally I found something to help me keep my girl friend. I got my bottle through the mail, opened it, took only 2, even though they said you supposed to take 4 and in about 45 minutes I couldn’t wait to rock!!. The best part of it I didn’t tell my girl friend that I took something, just to see her reaction, and boy boy boy!!! she was smiling big time. VIDUR will definitely stay with me longer than my girl friend. Hope she doesn’t read this, lol!!. You rock VIDUR!!

  4. Great product round 2 comes a lot faster with this product!

  5. KINGston Horstman says:

    I have just started using Vidur I take 3 pills before dinner and have noticed a increases of sex drive over all day and night! It does work Im 68 and I feel like Im 50 and 50 was a very good age

  6. This really works, by itself or as a supplement to Viagra. It really provides a firm, long lasting erection with a little coaxing! I highly recommend this product for someone with an ED issue!

  7. I’ve tried Vidur several times now, and found that it performs as claimed: stronger, longer-lasting erections, with a quicker re-arousal. Well done!

  8. Sam collins says:

    I’m surprised that this product worked and it works beautifully I love it many of the products I tried didn’t work but this one did and I’m very happy and my partners very happy also gave me lasting pleasure it increased my time about an hour hour and a half and that’s good enough for me longer stronger and better harder as well again very happy and will recommend to myfriendsur

  9. Teresa Yednock says:

    Endurance has improved.

  10. Thankyou Vidur, i am 57 years old and i’m going at it like i’m 25. I’m getting harder and lasting much longer. My wife loves it. It has boosted our love life. Good job Maxgenics!

  11. AWESOME product, it does as exactly as advertised! I will be reordering.

  12. Excellent Product!! I have tried may ehancement products in the past with mixed results. Most left me with terrible headaches an blurred blood shot eyes. Not this product (Vidur). It does what it says it is supposed to do. I recommend it to anyone who needs help with performance.

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