Maxidus Review: Does Maxidus Work?



Maxidus is one product who has one of the few websites that provide information and other facts in a simple and user friendly manner. There are product information and FAQ sections as well as customer testimonials on the site. The site also has a secure and discreet ordering section for the individual client. According to the site, Maxidus is sold in ten capsules a packet and each packet costs US$39.95. There are value pack offers that include their penis oil free when ordering all of which can be viewed from the site.

The company offers a 100% lifetime guarantee for the product but there are no further details provided. The only way to reach out to them is via email. One of the unique characteristics of the site is that there is a ‘Lucky Draw’ system where customers can win free packs of Maxidus products.


There are eight (8) key ingredients that make up Maxidus. All are known to be Asian herbal remedies that help in male enhancement regarding firmer erections, increased testosterone levels, relief from premature ejaculation and encouraging tissue growth. These ingredients are namely Eurycoma Longfolia, Ginkgo Biloba, Ku Gua, Epimedii, Cistanches and Flos Catharmi.


It is recommended that Maxidus be ingested at least forty (40) minutes before sexual activity at two capsules per dose. A capsule can provide a jump in energy at any time during the day. This also can be used by women for their improved stamina needs.


The product utilizes traditional herbal ingredients known to have male sexual enhancement results. There are survey results included on the site, alongside customer testimonials and other information. The site also provides a safe and secure ordering system where discounts as well as free gifts are provided. Aside from the contact information, the ingredients utilized on the site is well explained, providing facts and effects that users need to know when using the product.


Maxidus is quite expensive, with a pack containing ten capsules. There may be issues as to its use especially those with pre-existing conditions such as hypertension and/or diabetes. Only one ingredient has undergone clinical testing and details of its offered money back guarantee are not clear.


Overall, Maxidus is an energy supplement mainly, as there are testimonials to that effect. There were also some issues as to headaches and warming sensations when the product is used, thus there is a need for medical advice before taking this product. It may be just a waste since it is quite expensive.

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