Mega Endurance Review: Does Mega Endurance Work?

Mega Endurance Review: Does Mega Endurance Work?

For men that want to enhance their exercise routines or who have issues with stamina or longevity during sex there is a new supplement created by a former porn star named John Lawrence. It’s called Mega Endurance and it was specially formulated to allow men to last longer in the bedroom and have increased physical performance in their workouts. The pills give you increased energy, amplified stamina, and greater exertion levels. It also increases the oxygen levels in your blood. The makers of Mega Endurance say that it is good for any physical activity, from a bike ride to sex.

What the reviews say

The pills contain a proprietary blend of herbal extracts and amino acids that are formulated to increase blood flow as well as the amount of O2 in your blood stream. It also contains DMAE which is known for improving mental clarity and focus. This is an especially desirable benefit for athletes that are trying to enhance their performance.

The few negative comments I found about Mega Endurance were about how men with blood pressure problems or other serious health problems shouldn’t take it because the blend of extracts is so potent.

What’s our take on Mega Endurance

Guys that need something to push themselves a bit harder on the track or the basketball court or golf course might find Mega Endurance to be a good solution. Because it increases the oxygen levels in the blood and brain, it allows your body to exert itself for longer periods of time and also gives you greater focus which could definitely improve your game.

Final thoughts

The product contains several ingredients that have reputations for increasing circulation and amplifying energy. The makers of the pills warn that its potency might not be suitable for all users. People with low blood pressure or health problems probably shouldn’t take it. If you can’t go that long in the bedroom or on your morning jog, this could be a way to go the distance.


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