PHGH Review – We Tried Them All. Does PHGH Work?


by Mason Cromwell Jr.

PHGH is the creation of an adult film star – John Lawrence.  John created this product after he used many other enhancement pills with little to no success.

Does his product PHGH work?

Here at AskMenAnswers we evaluate a lot of different male enhancement products and out of all of them, PHGH is the one of the few where the majority of reviews are positive.

PHGH meets and exceeds all of our requirements for finding a good male enhancement supplement, as outlined in our Male Enhancement Supplement buyer’s guide. 

What do the positive reviews say about PHGH?

PHGH is one of the few product men have nothing but good things to say about (a rarity in the industry!).  Some men claims they have tried dozens of products and this is one of the few that works.  Others say it has such an impact on their erections that their wives and girlfriends notice. Out of everything we looked at, PHGH has one of the highest ratings of them all.

Is PHGH Safe?

We called PHGH’s customer support and found it is made in a lab in the USA and all the ingredients are verified and safe to take.  We have also found almost no men to report side effects from taking PHGH.

How Much Does PHGH cost?

PHGH has three buying options:

  • 1 Bottle of PHGH for $39.95
  • 2 Bottles of PHGH for $67 with free shipping
  • 3 Bottles of PHGH for $89 with free shipping

Their website also has a first time customer discount that is always changing.

It’s very important to note that PHGH does not offer a monthly subscription plan. So you will never be re-billed without knowing it.

Customer Service

According to their website, PHGH has a 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. They can also be reached by phone at 1-800-310-3518. I called this morning to check how long the hold time is. When I called, it was 1 minute and 27 seconds.

PHGH Dosage

PHGH is to be taken 2 Capsules at a time and 1 bottle of PHGH contains 60 capsules.

Ingredients in PHGH

PHGH contains the following herbs:

  • Tribulus Terrestris (Protodioscin 40% Saponis 90%) – a potent herb which serves to instigate the production of testosterone, a crucial chemical in terms of the male sex drive itself.
  • l-Arginine – an amino acid which BOOSTS the level of nitric oxide in your blood.  When your nitric oxide levels are higher, your blood vessels are more relaxed…and consequently blood flows more freely to the right places.
  • Tongkat Ali (200:1 Extract)– this herb has been used by tribesmen in Indonesia for centuries to boost testosterone and to stimulate dopamine production in the brain which, in turn, boosts libido.
  • Epimedium (aka Horny Goat Weed) – an ancient Chinese herb which also helps to open up blood vessels and maximize blood-flow directly to where it’s needed.
  • Maca Ext 4:1 – another rare folk medicine which increases volume of semen as well as sperm count, and also contributes to increased libido.
  • DHEA Testosterone booster
  • Gingko Biloba – For focus and sexual potency.
  • Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum)
  • Piperine – To enhance the effects of the other herbs.

PHGH does not contain potentially dangerous binders or cheap fillers. There are NO methyl paraben, microcrystalline cellulose, methacrylic copolymer, corn starch, or talcum powder.

Directions For PHGH: Take two capsules twice a day for 14 days. (During the first 14 days you may need 1 additional capsule 60 minutes before intercourse for extra boost.) After the initial 14 days, take 1 tablet 2 times per day with a full glass of water, preferably with a meal.

Remember: Use it as a daily gasoline that fuels your libido on a regular basis. Once you’ve started on a regular regime, an additional dose of PHGH can also be taken a few hours before sex to maximize sexual performance.

Serving Size: 2 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

PHGH Product 3

Learn More On Their website: PHGH


Have you had a great experience with PHGH?  If so, we would love to hear about it!

Post your review in the comment section below and let our visitors know what you think.



  1. Hi John Lawrence,

    I am very happy with your product. And as you may have seen, I keep coming back for more.

    Since I first started using it I have noticed quite a change. I am 43 years old and happy to say, I get a lot more pleasure from having sex. My erections is stronger and sex is MUCH, MUCH more enjoyable!

    I gave some to my coworkers and they also can’t get enough. They are now asking me for more and eating up my supply!

    Thank you John for this wonderful product and the great service you have provided.


  2. I’m a 36yr old black male.I have always felt confident in my sexual performance. Up until the last year or two, I’ve notice a decline in the firmness of my erection along with it not seeming as large as it had been b4. I discovered phgh scanning internet for a possible solution,after I got product in mail I took it as direction say.First time I took them after about 45min to a hour I felt this feiling like I was ready to go find some female and give her the business.I didn’t notice in chg in size. until about 10 – 14 days in then I noticed one night, my erection was super hard and much longer than I had seen it in a year or two. Themore I continued to take phgx the more the hard and firm erection. only problem with priduct is I can’t always afford it even though $40 is a good deal. But when my money is right I gots to have it it makes a diffrence trust me.I tried other well-known products they did nothing…..Derrick from Alabama. Roll tide and go phgh

    • dean c. manthei says:

      I have tried many male enhancement products some had very little or no success with. Then I came across this product PHGH rx by accident on my computer. I was getting ready to try the very expensive and well reviewed Vigor rx plus when I saw this product PHGH rx, so I read about it and checked out the price. Much to my amazment the price was very affordable and they accepted Paypal a real plus for me for i just lost all my credit due to Bankrupcy. I got the product very fast after my order,and was very excited to give product a try! I started by taking the two capsule a day dose and then taking a third one before bedtime and after just taking eight Tablets in three days I had such a Rock Hard Erection my wife and I still cannot belief the results I was getting. No product I have tried ever gave such fast results. I wish I had ordered the larger Quantity at the Cheapest price, but am still very satisfied and will be ordering very soon again! If you are having your doubts on this product DON’T!!!! Give it a try it does work!!!!! Dean

      • hawaiian bryan says:

        i tried extenze when it first came out but i read that you cant be over average in weight so i stopped so that i could lose some weight but, after i lost weight i tried to go back and it seemed that it was like a one time deal and ive been trying to research before i bought another male enhancement product so i called all the customer service numbers i could find and asked them about that but they all seem to come up with the same b.s. answer “oh, you have to increase your dosage to get it back into your system but i tried dat waaay before this inscident and no positive results. so i was ondering if it was only the extenze male enhancement or was it due to one of the commonly used ingredients used to produce these goods? ANYONE, ANYONE??

        • Hey Bryan,

          If Extenze didn’t work for you, I would not just “increase the dosage”. First, not all these pills work for everyone. And second, some of these pills don’t work at all.

          Try PHGH. See if that works.. This one has great results in the trials where it worked for 73% of the men who used it.

          Some men notice effects immediately, others it sets in after a few days and in some cases, a few weeks.

          But I can tell you, this is a really good formula and if it’s not working for you, chances are you will need a more drastic change to get your erections back.

          Give it a try though. I love it and I’ve heard of many men having really good results with it.. One guy was afraid to go on a vacation cruise without it.. And I don’t blame him.. Ha!

  3. Walter Graiyi says:

    Need to order more, woiuld like to buy again on line. where do I go?

  4. ok i have been reading allot of these comments and i hear that it increases the mans erection but i have not read where it helps or prevents premature ejactulation. Anyone out there that can let me know how that works?

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’d be curious to see if PHGH does help with this.. I’ve heard it may but in all honesty, I don’t really know if it does or not. I do know it increases sex drive quite significantly and that may actually make a man more sensitive down there.. But it also depends on the issue behind the PE. I would say try it out. If is does help with PE, great. If not, there is a good money back guarantee.

  5. jesus navarro says:

    can you tell me about any side efects this product may have if any(phgh) thank you

    • Hi Jesus,

      All supplements have side effects.. and a lot of that depends on the person. I do know there is very few side effects reported with PHGH and I personally only experience good ones ;). But one of my friends said it gave him a head ache when he tried it, however everyone else I know who has tried it said great things for the most part.

  6. Chris Peacock says:

    Hi, I found this product to work where others have failed me. Good stuff, try it out!!!

  7. I truly have to say after taking PHGH I have noticed an immediate difference in my blood flow. I get the result I need to give my lady all the pleasure she wants PHGH will always be apart of my daily supplement

  8. It is a great product I am sticking with it. Gives me harder and longer erections along with an outstanding sex drive. Highly recommend it.

  9. Dr. Ron Harshman says:

    I have recently had major neck surgery followed by major lower back surgery. As a result, I am on medication and will be for several months. Unfortunately, one of the costs of this medication has been the loss of the ability to maintain erections. I have to count on a Medicare approved vacuum pump treatment for assistance. However, I also started using PHGH and am very happy with the increased libido and starting to wake up with “morning wood”. I have previously used the three main Rx impotence drugs without much success. PHGH has, in my opinion, really performed well and I am also very much impressed with all of the email backup that I have received since placing my first order. I will definitely continue to use this product and highly recommend it because I can only imagine how much more effective it would be if I were not taking the meds and had not had the two major surgeries.

  10. I have used most of my first (and only) bottle of PHGH and have had great results. I have not suffered any side effects. I have found that it doesn’t affect weight gain like some meds can. I believe I will be getting more very soon!

  11. Hello John,
    Just wanted to say nothing but good things about your product.I have tried several others without favorable results.After following your instructions as directed the results were surprising.I’m 65 and reconnected with a girlfriend from 30 years ago.I have to admit our time in bed is like stepping back in time.
    Thank you for what you have provided.

  12. Super great product. It works for me. I am only in my late 60’s and to be honest, my sex life was on a serious down hill slide. Often, I couldn’t get it up. Since I have been on PHGH, this has not been a problem. At the risk of getting a little too personal, my wife has been asking for it as often as twice a day. The other day she said, “we haven’t gone for an afternoon delight.” I may have to back off the PHGH! Just kidding.

  13. JeanClaude says:

    Hi, I’m 53. I’ve always fortunately managed to stay in good shape and relatively sexually active my entire life. I recently decided a few months ago to give PHGH a try on a whim just to see if my stunning girl friend would notice any difference. Within just a couple weeks after taking John’s supplement as directed, something amazing started to happen. My erections started to become noticably stronger, bigger, lasting longer, and the orgasms, well, OMFG! Not only did I regain the control and stamina I had when I was in my mid 20’s, but the intensity of our orgasms and love-making much to the pleasure of both of us have also noticably intensified. I can only attribute all of this to taking PHGH. Thank-you John for creating such a wonderful product. My girl friend also thanks you!

  14. Huley Brown says:

    Your product is so much better than any other one I have encountered! It works so well that I will get more!

    Thanks for this great stuff.

  15. Hey I am 51 years old and in the last year seem to have consistently notice a decline and even lost sexual desire do to ED. Started to do a little research and wondered what to do and wasn’t wanting to go get a prescription. It seemed like was only having sex maybe once in two weeks or sometimes once a month. I have never tried any other product,. So I order PHGH, being skeptical and thinking it wouldn’t work and I probably wasted my money! To my surprise it worked, it is not unusual to even wake up in the night with a hard on, kind have forgot what that felt like. I have been using this product for about six weeks, it works for me, I regret not buying a year supply with the special offer. I have never tried any other product , but will tell you PHGH works and I am very satisfied with the results. I can tell you I have been having sex every day, some times 2 and 3 times a day and me and my girlfriend always look forward to spending Sunday afternoons together. Oh and she was running late for work this morning, guess I kept her up to long in the middle of the night, but she seemed very happy when she left. I hope that you can have the same results with PHGH as I have, it works for me! Thanks!

  16. Thank you PHGH, for putting out a product that actually does what you claimed it would do. I have expierienced a noticable edge in the bedroom, and my overall labido.

  17. Hey guys, I’m 75 years old and feel like 30. I’m now on my second order of PHGH and swear this stuff works. I’ve tried other brands but nothing works like this product from John Lawrence. I can feel it working for increased length and thickness and it feels grand. It helps with my self confidence as well as major help with my performance. So, at age 75 I can tell you that you have a grand future sexually with this product. Good Luck to each of you reading this. And John, thanks for all your effort to bring a great deal of satisfaction to your customers and the ladies they pleasure. Carlos

  18. I am 46 and I just had surgery to remove my prostate due to prostate cancer. As you know one of the side effects to the surgery is ED. I am at this present time able to have a semi hard on but not my usual preoperation rock hard erection. I am currently taking cialis as a remedy to the problem, but it is unknown when my problem will be resolved. Does your product have any success with any cases such as mine and can your product be taken with the cialis

  19. This is a great product! It did for me all that it claims it’s supposed to do. It’s the truth! Harder and easier to obtain erections, less recovery time and a whole load of confidence. The wife is very pleased to say the least. Thank you for this product, John. It’s a game changer for a guy in his 40’s!

  20. I’ve been using this product for a little over a week and i have already seen results. Even better my girlfriend has noticed and mentioned on more than one occasion this past week about how big and thick my erections have been and she has no idea that i have been taking it. to give further testimony to how great of a product this is,I am 41 and I suffer from low testosterone because I have lost a testicle due to injury. I have tried other products which have produced some results but none of which have been with the same magnitude of PHGH. Also i have noticed that with the other products it was hard for me to climax and sometimes I wouldn’t which tended to make my girlfriend feel as though she was inadequate which is completely untrue. She’s a beast ;)!! However since using the PHGH I am not only able to “bust a nut” every time, I climax multiple times with little or no recovery time between sessions. The best part about it is seeing my girlfriend lying in bed barely able to move due to complete exhaustion. Talk about making you feel like “the man”. I would definitely recommend this product. Simply take two capsule a day and two more before intercourse for that extra boost.

  21. Hello! I would like to order PHGH, but you guys had any experience whit shipment to europe countries? Would there be any problems on border inspection? since they always check the shipment which is over 25$ (20eur) ?

  22. Actually it does work. Funny things is that one of the popular male pills doesn’t work for me. Not the blue one the other one cy@(!3. This after a few days and dosing before use allowed for immediate second erection and orgasm. No size difference which is fine but the extra go time is appreciated!

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