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How To Read Her Body LanguageSometimes it’s the things that she isn’t saying that you really need to listen to. A woman can tell you one thing, but mean something completely different. The art of deciphering body language is one of the most valuable skills a man can possess when trying to pick up a woman. But it can be difficult decoding the signs if you don’t know what to look for. A woman can pretend to feel one way, but subconsciously tell you what is really on her mind by the subtlest of movements. Here’s how to read your woman’s tells like a card shark.

When she sees you, she fixes her hair or tucks it behind her ear. This is a dead giveaway for a girl that is trying to impress you and likes you.

There is lots of eye contact. If she maintains eye contact with you, she is into you. Look into her eyes and try to hold her gaze. The longer she takes before looking away, the more comfortable she is with you.

She touches you. Any bit of contact is a sign she wants to be touched back. She might laugh at something you say and hit your arm or nudge you with her elbow to get your attention. Or maybe her knee will touch yours as you sit next to each other. All of these are signs she wants to be close with you.

She smiles. Obviously, this is a sign that she’s happy and having a good time. If you are meeting someone for the first time and trying to pick her up, the best thing you can do is say something to make her laugh.

She laughs. Laughter is not only the best medicine, it’s also the best way to seduce a woman. When surveyed, women almost always rank “funny” over attractiveness or penis size. So work on your jokes and try to tickle her funny bone before trying to tickle her with your bone.

She leans in. If a woman is fascinated by the things you are saying, she will lean in to not only hear more of what you are saying, but to keep your attention from drifting to other women. She is trying to claim you as hers and show the other women in the bar that they should stay away. If she is distracted by something, and looking around the room for other, more interesting people, she’s not thinking about spending more time with you.

She mimics your movements. If you cross your arms or rest your chin on your palm and you notice that she does the same, it could be a good indicator that she sees you as like her and wants to empathize with you.

A good way to pick up on body language is to not focus on every little, specific thing a woman may say or do, but to try to sense her overall vibe or mood. Relax and try to be present and in the moment. The more confident and in control you are, the more comfortable she is going to feel around you.


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