Read This Before You Shave Your Balls

big_ballsWhy do you need to know how to shave your balls? Because one day, you will, and when that day comes, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up slipping and falling on your bathroom floor, slowly passing out in a pool of your own scrotal blood. That doesn’t sound fun, does it? Neither does shaving your balls. Lots of guys have a hard enough time just shaving their faces. Now they’re expected to shave their wrinkled nut bag too? When was the last time you saw a porn where the guy had a full bush? There’s a reason why male porn stars have started shaving their genitals. It’s because the women prefer it.

Should you use electric or straight razors? This is entirely up to you, but you’re only going to get that baby-smooth closeness with an old-fashioned straight razor. A disposable Bic will probably work fine.

Take a hot shower. The heat will help open up your pores and also make your scrotum more flexible and saggy which will allow you to get around all the folds and veins.

Trim first. If you’ve ever had a beard of considerable length then you know that you can’t just start hacking away at it with your Mach III Turbo whenever you want to get rid of it. You have to trim it first. You can use scissors for this, but I’d prefer an electric trimmer to get things down to a manageable length. And I just don’t like the idea of putting scissors near my dick.

Shaving gel or shaving cream? I’ve always found that shaving gel gives me a closer, smoother finish, but some guys still prefer using cream. If you do decide to use shaving cream, make sure your tackle is wet first before scraping that extremely sharp blade across them.

Don’t skimp on the blade. I know I joked that a disposable Bic would work fine, but really you don’t want to cut any corners when it comes to your balls. You also don’t want to cut your balls. There have been numerous advancements in razor technology in recent years and you would be wise to take advantage of them.

Go slow. You’re probably going to want to devote an entire evening to this the first couple times you do it. It’s not something that you want to do for the first time right before a date. If you nick yourself or if the chafing ends up being too much for you to handle, you should be in a situation where you can take care of yourself. A boring Friday night where you having nothing else to do is perfect because if you have to spend a day or two in the hospital after, you won’t have to miss any work!



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    Great article, I was thinking about shaving my balls so this is perfect.

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