The Science Of Turning On Women

Science, Finally Helpin’ A Brother Out.


Science has finally answered the question of what it is that really turns a woman on.

A study coming from a research team at the Université du Québec à Montréal has finally identified the areas and movements that are most effective at stimulating women.

They based their research on specific areas and the type of stimulation, with the ultimate goal of finding the right ways to make women move.

The research is the first of its kind, and we at Ask Men Answers are incredibly grateful — now we finally have scientific proof as to exactly what women want touched — and how.

The study took a sample of women between the ages of 18 and 35, and assessed them on three different areas: the perineum (clitoris, vagina, labia and anal area), the breast (areola and nipple) and control areas(neck, forearm and abdomen), using three different types of stimulation: light touch, pressure and vibration.

The women were asked to strip down and lie on a table that was covered in a bed sheet, then were blindfolded with blacked-out goggles in order to maximize their sense of touch.

Then, using scientific instruments, the researchers(read: lucky bastards) applied stimulation for 1.5 seconds.

After initial stimulation, they waited five seconds, then asked the subjects to describe the sensations that they received from the stimulus.

The results reveal the first scientific view into exactly how women get juicy. Here’s what they found according to stimulus:

For light touch, the neck, forearm and vaginal margin(area closest to the b-hole) are the most sensitive, with the areola being the least sensitive to light touch. So if you’re looking to glide across her skin stick to these areas.

For pressure, the clitoris and the nipple are the most sensitive; the side boob, although nice to ‘mire, doesn’t get much love from pressure, understandably. The abdominal is also not receptive to pressure, which makes sense, because who wants their stomach pressed?

For vibration, the clitoris and the nipple again win this category, with the obvious contender, the clitoris, being the most sensitive of all body parts to vibratory measures.

This stuff is all pretty intuitive — the clit is as sensitive as a Hugh Grant movie — but it’s nice to get a little backup from the scientific community.

They didn’t look at some hugely important areas in our mind though, like sucking toes or fingers. God knows some women love that kinda lovin’, but hey, maybe we’ll see that in later studies.

There’s definitely some flaws in this study — what about tongue usage? Or the old, trusty combination action(going for the clit and the nipple at the same time)? Still, this is some great info for any guy looking to narrow their focus when going to work on women.

It’s a fact that women are more sensitive to whole-body stimulation during sex rather than attention to just one specific body part. So next time you’re getting busy, take these results into mind.

Every girls’ different, though — my girl nearly lifts off the Earth when I play with her earlobes — but these results are a great roadmap for improving stimulation for any guy.








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