Vydox Review: Does Vydox Work?


Vydox the “orange pill” claims to be the world’s #1 male enhancement solution. With a very professional and transparent looking website, along with great marketing, and being endorsed by well-known golfer Brian Gay.  It’s no wonder this product has managed to survive this long in this day and age where so many male enhancement products […]

7 Healthy Foods to Increase Libido and Keep You Thin


A lot of websites will give you a list of things that will increase your libido. Each site giving you different opinions on which foods work and which foods won’t. You’d find one site that tells you “eat Oysters” and then the next site you take a look at will tell you “Oysters are one […]

Viswiss Review: Does Viswis Work?


Overview ViSwiss is one of the most popular natural sexual enhancement solution for men worldwide. It is a “lab-tested, all-natural and prescription-free solution to get your love life back on track.” The main website claims that it helps aging men with diabetes restore healthy and steady blood flow to cause a firm erection even for […]