The Five Top Pleasure Pit Stops

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Ask a man where his erogenous zones are, and he’ll probably respond with a blank stare. Erogenous zones, or areas of heightened sexual sensitivity, have been identified — and exhaustively written about — by women, for women. But what about us dudes? If your girlfriend asked you where your special spots are, would you know what to […]

The 5 Most Common Male Misnomers About Sex


Not surprisingly, men think they know everything. Ev-ery-thing. They give the best directions, grill the best steaks, and bring a woman to orgasm in the most unique and exciting ways possible. Riiiight. Anyway, this is the assumption made by men, for men, because we are far less emotional than our female counterparts. Dudes across the […]

New Rules For The One-Night Stand


Today’s world of sexual equality has created a whole new playing field for the one night stand. No longer do you have to be an ass in the morning; suddenly, she’s into the horizontal mambo, one night special. But unfortunately for you, that means a new rule book is in order. Before you head out […]

8 Things You Must Do Before Your Next Date


It’s easy to think that once you’ve landed a date with a woman that you’re in and the hard part is over. Really though, the challenge has just begun. This is where she really gets to know what kind of guy you are. She might have made up her mind to have dinner with you, […]

Meeting Women At The Gym


You’ve been diligent, going to the gym every day to work off that flab and bulk up. But there’s only one reason why you’re doing all that weight lifting and exercise, isn’t there? It’s for the sex. You want more of it and you want to be better at it. All that working out has […]

Read Her Body Language


Sometimes it’s the things that she isn’t saying that you really need to listen to. A woman can tell you one thing, but mean something completely different. The art of deciphering body language is one of the most valuable skills a man can possess when trying to pick up a woman. But it can be […]

Solve Your Girl’s Chronic Bad Breath


Not everyone’s breath smells like roses and strawberries. It can happen to anybody. One minute you’re having a nice conversation with someone and the next you get a whiff of something that smells like rotting garbage. Is it your breath or is it hers? If your girl has chronic bad breath it could be a […]

How To Date A Stripper


So you’re wondering how to date a stripper. You’ve been going down to your favorite strip club a lot lately, and there’s a certain girl you’re smitten with. Well buddy, get in line. A stripper’s job is to make you fall in love with her so she can take your money. She probably has 50 […]