TestoRx Review: Does TestoRx Work?


TestoRx promises to provide male users with an increase in libido and the best erections of their life. But, for those who are searching for information on this product it can be rather difficult to come by as there appears to be no official website dedicated to the product. Instead one will need to search […]

Orviax Review: Does Orviax Work?


Orviax is a male enhancement supplement that promises to be the world’s best male libido enhancer for men seeking to better their sex life. Those who are searching for more information on this supplement can find some information on the official website of the manufacturer, even though it is rather disorganized. The site does provide […]

Irexis Review: Does Irexis Work?


Overview Irexis is a  male enhancement pill that is sold online through various retailers. According to the product’s website, the manufacturer is a company called Lab88 and provides loosely related articles with very little  product information. The site lacks customer reviews and fails to cite any clinical trials for the ingredients or proof to the […]

Satibo Review: Does Satibo Work?


Said to improve your overall sexual experience, whether or not you are having difficulty with erections or stamina, Satibo promises to revamp your sexual pleasure, and that of your partner. This Chinese male enhancement supplement is comprised of entirely natural ingredients and is said to have no side effects for users. While there is an […]

Roaring Tiger Max Review: Does Roaring Tiger Max Work?


  Roaring Tiger Max is self-proclaimed new male enhancement formula that is intended to provide users with a temporary increase in the size of their penis and erection. Though this product might sound rather straightforward to understand, the manufacturer doesn’t make it easy to identify information on this product through their manufacturer’s site. While there […]

RezzRX Review: Does RezzRX Work?


Need a way to boost your confidence in bed and get longer erections, then RezzRX claims to be the best way for any man to get those precise results. This product is all natural and is said to work within just 15 minutes of taking a single pill, and the official site claims that results […]

Libidus Review: Does Libidus Work?


Improving sexual dysfunction and putting an end to erectile dysfunction are two of the promises that Libidus makes for their users. But, if you are searching for additional information on this supplement you are likely to get rather confused by the number of sites that the manufacturer has created for this product and another, Maxidus. […]

Bali Mojo Review: Does Bali Mojo Work?


Another all natural alternative to Viagra that is on the market for male customers is Bali Mojo. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, want greater stamina, a heightened libido and to increase your production of stamina, perhaps this is the supplement to meet these needs. The manufacturer’s site dedicated to this product is […]

XtraSize Review: Does XtraSize Work?


If it is confidence and an increase in the size of your penis that you seek from a male enhancement supplement, then XtraSize promises to be the answer.  This Polish made product promises that with regular use you can expect to see up to 3 inches of growth in the size of your penis and […]

VMaxx Review: Does VMaxx Work?


VMaxx is a male enhancement supplement that is dedicated to improving male erections and increasing the libido of men who want a pick me up. Unfortunately, if you are searching to learn more about this product the first thing that you are likely to find is a public notice posted by the Food and Drug […]