Tribulus Terrestris: How this Lowly Weed Can Raise Your Libido


If you are searching for a male enhancement supplement and conducting the necessary research to find the right one for you, then you have likely come across a few pills that contain Tribulus terrestris. Tribulus terrestris, as extraterrestrial sounding as it may be, is actually the scientific name for a flowering plant that can be […]

PHGH Can Maximize Your Golf Game


We tried them all. Here’s the best one we found.. >> See It Now Lots of guys my age are looking for that extra thing to push their golf game to the next level. They might take lessons or read articles about new swings and grip techniques to improve their game. But the truth of […]

PHGH – Frequently Asked Questions

PHGH Product 3

We tried them all. Here’s the best one we found.. >> See It Now What is PHGH? PHGH is a male enhancement supplement formulated by Adult Film Star, John Lawrence. After years in the industry testing various herbs and prescription male enhancement pills, John found what worked best and combined them into a new, powerful […]

Does PHGH Work?

PHGH Product 3

I tried them all. Here’s the best one I found.. >> See It Now What is PHGH? PHGH isn’t like other male enhancement products on the market. They all say that, right? Well, PHGH was actually created by someone that wanted to use it: Adult Film Star, John Lawrence. He travelled around the world in […]

PHGH – What do users have to say about it?


As you know our top choice for male enhancement is PHGH. But a lot of readers are asking us why we like this pill so much. The reason is.. PHGH works better than all the rest and they don’t overcharge. There’s tons of other male enhancement pills that cost an arm and a leg and […]

Maddie O’Reilly Talks About PHGH Rx

PHGH Review - Maddie O'Reilly

What’s the key to larger erections? Testosterone + blood flow. PHGH Rx’s blend of all natural herbs is the choice a lot of adult stars use to keep their testosterone levels up and maintain peak blood flow to their erections.

5 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Production


There are many ways to naturally increase testosterone production. Let me introduce to you five of the most effective methods. 1.      High Intensity Work Outs This one is incredibly simple. Work out hard and fast for shorter bursts and you will naturally boost your body’s testosterone production, keeping it at peak levels. 2.      […]

PHGH Review – We Tried Them All. Does PHGH Work?

PHGH Product 3

by Mason Cromwell Jr. PHGH is the creation of an adult film star – John Lawrence.  John created this product after he used many other enhancement pills with little to no success. Does his product PHGH work? Here at AskMenAnswers we evaluate a lot of different male enhancement products and out of all of them, PHGH […]